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Jimbly's Clipboard History plugin for Sublime Text 2
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Jimbly's Clipboard History plugin for Sublime Text 2 or 3. A perfect blend of behaviors from Visual Assist's clipboard history and emacs.

Some code derived from sublemacspro.


  • Paste from menu of previous clipboard entries ** Compared to the built-in command added in Sublime Text 3, this plugin uses a pop-up menu which respects your Sublime keybinds instead of an OS pop-up menu
  • Integrates with OS clipboard
  • Multiple sequential cuts will append to most recent clipboard entry
  • Full-line copy (when nothing is selected or an entire line is selected) pastes as full lines (similar to default Sublime/Visual Studio behaviors)


  1. Using Package Control, install "Jimbly's Clipboard Manager"


  1. Open the Sublime Text Packages folder using Preferences | Browse Packages...
  2. Clone this repo


By default, this plugin overrides the OS default cut, copy, paste, and shift-paste keys. After copying or cutting, use shift+(paste) to access the clipboard history (e.g. shift+ctrl+v on Windows), and select and previous element to paste it.

If you do not like the auto-assigned default keybinds:

  1. Let me know, I'll seriously consider having them not be part of the package, as I realize they may step on other keybinds.
  2. Manually add the appropriate bindings so your cut/copy/paste keys call jch_cut/jch_copy/jch_paste, and add another key to call jch_paste_choice.
  3. Remove the appropriate .sublime-keymap file from the JimblysClipboardHistory folder (e.g. "Default (Windows).sublime-keymap").

Command Reference

jch_cut: Performs a cut, appending to the most recent cut if it appears to be from the same location, and populates both the OS clipboard and the clipboard history.

jch_copy: Performs a copy, populating both the OS clipboard and the clipboard history.

jch_paste: Pastes the most recently copied data, either from the clipboar history, or the OS clipboad if it was more recently modified.

jch_paste_choice: Shows a menu displaying the clipboard history allowing for a choice of what to paste.

Feedback and Future Plans

Do you not like some behavior? Are you missing some feature another clipboard history plugin has? Please let me know, it would be easy to extend this with a few settings to adjust subtle behaviors. The current behavior is simply what grew organically from starting with an existing plugin, and any time I pressed one of the 4 relevant hotkeys, if it did not do exactly what I expected (based primarily on my expectations coming from Visual Studio and Visual Assist), I made it do so.

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