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#ifndef __JFramework_Screen_h_
#define __JFramework_Screen_h_
#include "Renderable.h"
#include "ScreenRenderSorter.h"
#include "TextureData.h"
#include "ShaderData.h"
#include "Camera.h"
#include "Transform.h"
#include "QuadTree.h"
class Screen
GraphicsManager* mOwner;
int mWidth;
int mHeight;
bool mFullScreen;
ScreenRenderSorter* mDepthRenderSorter;
ScreenRenderSorter* mUIRenderSorter;
Screen(GraphicsManager *aOwner, int aW, int aH, bool aFullScreen);
virtual ~Screen();
// Width, Height, and Fullscreen
GraphicsManager* GetOwner() const;
int GetWidth() const;
void SetWidth(int const aWidth);
int GetHeight() const;
void SetHeight(int const aHeight);
bool IsFullScreen() const;
void SetFullScreen(bool const aFullScreen);
// Get depth render sorting method (Post batching)
ScreenRenderSorter* GetDepthRenderSorter();
// Set depth render sorting method
void SetDepthRenderSorter(ScreenRenderSorter *aDepthRenderSorter);
// Set UI render sorting method
void SetUIRenderSorter(ScreenRenderSorter *aUIRenderSorter);
// Get UI render sorting method (Post batching)
ScreenRenderSorter* GetUIRenderSorter();
// Batching
std::unordered_map<Camera*, std::map<int, std::vector<Renderable*>>> PruneObjects(Tree *aObjects,
std::unordered_set<Renderable*> const &aMovingObjects, std::unordered_set<Camera*> const &aCameras);
void SortObjects(std::vector<Renderable*> &aObjects);
void SortUI(std::vector<Renderable*> &aObjects);
virtual void SetGlobalShaderProperty(ShaderData *aShaderData, RenderableProperty const &aProperty) = 0;
virtual void ResetObjectTexture(Renderable* aRenderable, TextureData* aOldData, TextureData* aNewData) = 0;
virtual void ResetObjectShader(Renderable* aRenderable, ShaderData* aOldData, ShaderData* aNewData) = 0;
virtual void SetClearColor(Vector4 const &aClearColor) = 0;
virtual void ChangeSize(int aW, int aH, bool aFullScreen) = 0;
virtual void PreDraw() = 0;
virtual void Draw(std::map<int, std::vector<Renderable*>> const &aObjects, Camera* aCamera) = 0;
virtual void DebugDraw(std::vector<Renderable*> const &aObjects) = 0;
virtual void SwapBuffers() = 0;