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#ifndef __JFramework_PCShaderScreen_h_
#define __JFramework_PCShaderScreen_h_
#include "Screen.h"
#include "Transform.h"
#include "PCShaderSurface.h"
#include "GLFramebuffer.h"
class PCShaderScreen : public Screen
SDL_Window* mWindow;
SDL_GLContext mGLContext;
SDL_DisplayMode mDisplayMode;
GLint mDefaultFrameBufferID;
GLuint mVertexArrayObjectID;
GLuint mVertexBufferID;
GLuint mTextureBufferID;
GLuint mPositionBufferID;
GLuint mColorBufferID;
GLuint mIndexBufferID;
GLuint mNormalBufferID;
GLint mMaxTextures;
PCShaderScreen(GraphicsManager *aOwner, int aW, int aH, bool aFullScreen);
virtual ~PCShaderScreen();
virtual void SetGlobalShaderProperty(ShaderData *aShaderData, RenderableProperty const &aProperty);
virtual void ResetObjectTexture(Renderable* aRenderable, TextureData* aOldData, TextureData* aNewData);
virtual void ResetObjectShader(Renderable* aRenderable, ShaderData* aOldData, ShaderData* aNewData);
virtual void PreDraw();
virtual void Draw(std::map<int, std::vector<Renderable*>> const &aObjects, Camera* aCamera);
virtual void DebugDraw(std::vector<Renderable*> const &aObjects);
virtual void SwapBuffers();
virtual void SetClearColor(Vector4 const &aClearColor);
virtual void ChangeSize(int aW, int aH, bool aFullScreen);
void DrawObjects(std::vector<Renderable*> const &aObjects, Camera *aCamera, std::unordered_map<int, int> const &aInputTextures);
void SetOptionalUniforms(Renderable* aRenderable, std::unordered_map<int, int> const &aInputTextures);
bool PointIsOnScreen(Vector3 const &aPoint);
bool BoxIsOnScreen(Vector3 const &aStart, Vector3 const &aEnd);
void SetShaderProperties(Renderable *aRenderable, bool aActive);
void DisableVertexAttribArray(int aVertexAttrib);
void PushRenderDataV2(std::vector<Vector2> &aData, int aAttribLocation, Vector2 const &aAttribute);
void PushRenderDataV3(std::vector<Vector3> &aData, int aAttribLocation, Vector3 const &aAttribute);
void PushRenderDataV4(std::vector<Vector4> &aData, int aAttribLocation, Vector4 const &aAttribute);
void BindAttributeV2(GLenum aTarget, int const aBufferID, int const aAttributeLocation, std::vector<Vector2> &aData);
void BindAttributeV3(GLenum aTarget, int const aBufferID, int const aAttributeLocation, std::vector<Vector3> &aData);
void BindAttributeV4(GLenum aTarget, int const aBufferID, int const aAttributeLocation, std::vector<Vector4> &aData);
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