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A Browser detector. Because sometimes, there is no other way, and not even good modern browsers always provide good feature detection mechanisms.

bowser ci

So... it works like this:

if (bowser.msie && bowser.version <= 6) {
  alert('Hello China');

Detected Browsers[Engines]

  • chrome[webkit]
  • firefox[gecko]
  • msie
  • opera[webkit if >12]
  • phantomjs[webkit]
  • safari[webkit]
  • seamonkey[gecko]
  • touchpad[webkit]

Detected mobile operating systems

  • android
  • windows phone
  • ios (iphone/ipad/ipod)
  • blackberry
  • firefoxos
  • webos

Android, iOS and Windows Phone will all report the OS version number if it is contained in the UA string in the osversion field. iOS is always reported as ios and additionally as iphone/ipad/ipod, whichever one matches best. Windows Phone is reported as windowsphone.

All detected mobile OSes are additionally flagged mobile.


Safari, Chrome and some other minor browsers will report that they have webkit engines, Firefox and Seamonkey will report that they have gecko engines.

if (bowser.webkit) {
  // do stuff with safari & chrome

Ender installation

If you don't already have Ender (an npm package) install it now (and don't look back)

$ npm install ender

then add bowser to your module collection

$ ender add bowser

use it like this:

if ($.browser.chrome) {
  alert('Hello Silicon Valley');

Graded Browser Support

One useful feature of Bowser is that aside from checking one browser from another -- it will keep up to date with Yahoo's Graded Browser Support chart, giving you access to each grade on the bowser object

if (bowser.a) {
  // support full feature set
else if (bowser.c) {
  // serve degraded version
else {
  // unsupported (bowser.x)


If you'd like to contribute a change to bowser, modify the files in src/, then run the following (you'll need node + npm installed):

$ npm install
$ make


We started a list src/useragents.js with example user agents and their expected bowser object.

Whenever you add support for new browsers or notice a bug / mismatch, please update the list and check if all tests are still passing.

To run the test call $ make test