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Mozilla Observatory Exporter for Prometheus

This is a simple server that calls Mozilla Observatory for given target URLs and exports them via HTTP/JSON for Prometheus consumption.






You can deploy this exporter using the jimdo/observatory-exporter Docker Image.


docker pull jimdo/observatory-exporter
docker run -p 9229:9229 jimdo/observatory-exporter

Exposed metrics

Name Description
observatory_cert_expiry_date Expiry date for certificate.
observatory_cert_is_trusted Is 1 (aka 'trusted') if certificate is known to be trusted (via truststores)
observatory_cert_start_date Start date for certificate.
observatory_compatibility_level Defines the Mozilla SSL compatibility level for given domain (bad=0, non compliant=1, old=2, intermediate=3, modern=4)
observatory_grade Grade representation of score, A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0
observatory_score Defines the score given by Mozilla Observatory's mozillaGradingWorker (0...100)
observatory_tls_enabled TLS enabled for domain

Further reading on Mozilla Observatory