API client library for UptimeRobot


Jimdo / uptimerobot-api

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UptimeRobot is an easy-to-use monitoring service. This library enables developers to use Go to access the API of UptimeRobot to manage their resources.


To execute the tests you need to export your UptimeRobot API-Key to your env before running the tests:

# export UR_API_KEY=u232958-fc43e2ab62ed66a08b0e578b
# go test -cover -v ./...
=== RUN TestGetAccountDetail
--- PASS: TestGetAccountDetail (0.63s)
=== RUN TestGetAccountDetailWithoutAccount
--- PASS: TestGetAccountDetailWithoutAccount (0.54s)
=== RUN TestGetAlertContacts
--- PASS: TestGetAlertContacts (0.54s)
=== RUN TestNewGetDeleteAlertContact
--- PASS: TestNewGetDeleteAlertContact (2.35s)
=== RUN TestNewAlertContactMissingParameters
--- PASS: TestNewAlertContactMissingParameters (0.00s)
=== RUN TestNewAlertContactWrongParameters
--- PASS: TestNewAlertContactWrongParameters (0.54s)
=== RUN TestNewAlertContactLongFriendlyName
--- PASS: TestNewAlertContactLongFriendlyName (0.00s)
=== RUN TestMonitorFlow
--- PASS: TestMonitorFlow (4.22s)
coverage: 72.8% of statements
ok      github.com/Jimdo/uptimerobot-api    8.828s