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Copyright 2011 LinkedIn
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS
express or implied. See the License for the specific language
governing permissions and limitations under the License.
PROJECT = "inject"
path = require("path")
fs = require("fs")
exec = require("child_process").exec
option '', '--config-file [FILE]', 'Load in a json file as config. Defaults to: null.'
option '', '--project-name [NAME]', 'Used in default config to specify final output for raw and min "targets". Defaults to: "inject".'
option '', '--project-version [VERSION]', 'Used in default config to add version folders to "out" directory. Defaults to: "dev".'
option '', '--temporary-directory [DIR]', 'Where to save temporary files. Gets deleted after build. Defaults to: "./tmp/".'
option '', '--output-directory [DIR]', 'Where to save compressed/compiled files. Defaults to: "./artifacts/".'
option '', '--with-ie', 'Add IE 6/7 support. Adds a localStorage and JSON shim (by default, named: ie-localstorage-json-shim.js). Both are required for lscache. Defaults to true.'
option '', '--without-xd', 'Remove easyXDM. easyXDM is only used when requiring files cross-domain. Defaults to false.'
option '', '--without-json', 'Force JSON support to be dropped. Defaults to false.'
option '', '--compilation-level [LEVEL]', 'Level to compile output js to. If WHITESPACE_ONLY is selected then pretty formatting is used. Defaults to SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS.'
task "build", "Builds inject library", (options)->
configFile = options['config-file']
PROJECT = options['project-name'] or 'inject'
VERSION = options['project-version'] or 'dev'
supportIE = !options['with-ie']
supportJSON = supportIE and !!options['without-json']
supportXD = !options['without-xd']
compilationLevel = options['compilation-level'] or 'SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS'
config = {
src: 'src/'
tmp: options['temporary-directory'] or 'tmp/'
out: options['output-directory'] or "artifacts/#{VERSION}/"
modules : {
'header': {
files: ['copyright.js','licenses.js']
enabled: supportIE
compilationLevel: compilationLevel
output_wrapper: ->
wrapper = fs.readFileSync(config.src + '/iecompat_wrapper.txt').toString()
wrapper = wrapper.replace(/"/g,'\\"')
return '"' + wrapper + '"'
files:['relay.html', 'relay.swf', 'easyxdm.js']
modules: ['crossDomain']
'main' :{
compilationLevel: compilationLevel
outMappings: {
ieCompat: "ie-localstorage-json-shim.js"
main: "#{PROJECT}.js"
min: "#{PROJECT}.min.js"
if configFile
config = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(configFile))
catch e
console.error "Error loading configFile: #{configFile}", e
compileCoffeescript = (file = '', toDir = '', cb = ->) ->
console.log "Compiling coffeescript #{file} => #{toDir}"
name = (file.match(/\/([^\/]+)\.coffee$/i)||[]).pop()
exec "coffee --bare --output #{toDir} --compile #{file}", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
throw err if err
cb toDir + name + '.js'
copy = (from = '', dest = '', cb = ->) ->
console.log "Copy #{from} => #{dest}"
if from and dest
newFile = fs.createWriteStream(dest);
oldFile = fs.createReadStream(from);
newFile.once 'open', (fd) ->
require('util').pump(oldFile, newFile);
cb null
cb from
processConfig = (newStyle = false, cb = ->) ->
loopCount = 0
totalFiles = 0
updateFileReference = (ref, i, file) ->
# if file was modified above, update the reference
if file
ref.files[i] = file
# if file is null, remove the reference
if ++loopCount is totalFiles
finalizeConfig = ->
if newStyle
for moduleName, mod of config.modules
mod.files = recurseModules(mod)
delete mod.modules
recurseModules = (mod) ->
files = mod.files || []
if mod.modules and mod.modules.length > 0
for mod in mod.modules.reverse()
files = recurseModules(config.modules[mod]).concat(files)
return if mod.enabled isnt false then files else mod.files
#loop through all files and compile or copy
for moduleName, mod of config.modules
if mod.files and mod.enabled isnt false
# must loop backwards since we're modifying the array
for i in [mod.files.length - 1..0] by -1
# prefix with the path to the tmp folder and make sure it's a real path
file = path.normalize config.src + mod.files[i]
# if it's coffeescript then compile and update reference to the file
if /\.coffee$/.test(file)
compileCoffeescript file, config.tmp, updateFileReference.bind null, mod, i
# if it's anything but js, just copy it and remove the reference to this file
else if !/\.js$/.test(file)
from = file
dest = path.normalize config.out + mod.files[i]
copy from, dest, updateFileReference.bind null, mod, i
# else, update the reference anyways
updateFileReference mod, i, file
#keep track of files for callback
totalFiles += 1
createClosureModulesStr = (cb = ->) ->
#expected syntax: --module MODULE_NAME:FILE_COUNT:DEP,DEP,DEP --js FILE
compilerModules = []
for moduleName, mod of config.modules
files = mod.files or []
deps = mod.modules or []
length = if mod.enabled isnt false then files.length else 0
str = [moduleName,length].join(':')
if deps and deps.length > 0
str += ':' + deps.join(',')
if files.length > 0 and mod.enabled isnt false
str += ' --js ' + files.join(' --js ')
cb('--module ' + compilerModules.join(' --module '))
createClosureCompilerCmd = (allDoneCallback, execFn = ->) ->
allDoneFn = ->
if ++callbackCount is mappingsCount
mappingsCount = 0
callbackCount = 0
for moduleName, path of config.outMappings
mappingsCount += 1
mod = config.modules[moduleName]
cmdCompilationLevel = mod.compilationLevel or compilationLevel
formatting = if cmdCompilationLevel is 'WHITESPACE_ONLY' then '--formatting pretty_print' else ''
output_wrapper = mod.output_wrapper || "'(function() {%output%}).call(this)'"
if typeof(output_wrapper) is 'function'
output_wrapper = output_wrapper()
cmd = "--js_output_file #{config.out}/#{path} #{formatting} --output_wrapper #{output_wrapper} --compilation_level #{cmdCompilationLevel} --js "
files = mod.files or []
if mod.enabled isnt false
console.log 'Created cmd to compile module: ', moduleName
execFn(cmd + files.join(' --js '), allDoneFn)
execClosureCmd = (cmd, cb = ->) ->
exec "java -jar ./build/gcc/compiler.jar #{cmd}", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
throw err if err
cb stdout, stderr
createClosureModules = (moduleStr, cb = ->) ->
moduleDir = path.normalize("#{config.tmp}/modules/")
formatting = if compilationLevel is 'WHITESPACE_ONLY' then '--formatting pretty_print' else ''
exec "java -jar ./build/gcc/compiler.jar #{formatting} --module_wrapper 'main:(function() {%s}.call(this)' --module_output_path_prefix #{moduleDir} --compilation_level #{compilationLevel} #{moduleStr}", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
throw err if err
cb stdout, stderr
moveArtifacts = (cb = ->) ->
callbacksCount = 0
fileCount = 0
moduleDir = "#{config.tmp}/modules"
for moduleName, path of config.outMappings
if config.modules[moduleName].enabled isnt false
copy "#{moduleDir}/#{moduleName}.js", "#{config.out}/#{path}", () ->
if ++callbacksCount is fileCount
clean = (cb = ->) ->
exec "rm -rf #{config.tmp}", (err) ->
console.error err if err
unclean = (cb = ->) ->
fs.mkdir config.tmp, parseInt('0777'), (err) ->
console.error err if err and err.errno isnt 47 and err.errno isnt 17 # 47 is directory already exists. This is ok for the purposes of this function
fs.mkdir config.out, parseInt('0777'), (err) ->
console.error err if err and err.errno isnt 47 and err.errno isnt 17 # directory already exists.
unclean ->
console.log 'Created working directories.'
processConfig true, ->
console.log 'Processed config.'
allDone = () ->
clean ->
console.log 'Build complete.'
createClosureCompilerCmd allDone, (cmd, callback) ->
execClosureCmd cmd, callback
processConfig false, ->
console.log 'Processed config.'
createClosureModulesStr (moduleStr) ->
console.log 'Created Closure Compiler modules.'
createClosureModules moduleStr, (stdout, stderr) ->
if !!stderr
console.error 'Error running closure compiler', stdout, stderr
else console.log 'Created compiler modules.'
moveArtifacts ->
console.log 'Moved compiler modules to output directory.'
clean ->
console.log 'Build complete.'
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