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A program to convert Doom WAD files to the PK3 format, written in C# and .NET.

Command-line usage

Passing parameters -input and -output will open a command-line window instead of the GUI interface. Available arguments:

Argument Description
-noextensions Don't write extensions to filenames.
-extlowercase Don't write uppercase extensions to filenames.
-keepprefixes Don't strip LUA_ or SOC_ prefixes.
-nomusfolder Don't make a folder for music files.
-nosfxfolder Don't make a folder for sound effects.
-nosprfolder Don't make subfolders for sprite names.
-fastcompression Use the fastest compression level.
-nocompression Don't use compression.


All code is licensed under the GNU GPL3.

All graphics are from Sonic Robo Blast 2 by Sonic Team Junior.

Sonic Team Junior is in no way affiliated with SEGA or Sonic Team. Sonic Team Junior does not claim ownership of any of SEGA's intellectual property used in SRB2.

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