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This is a repository for the EpubSplit Calibre Plugin.

Most discussion of this plugin takes place in the EpubSplit Calibre Plugin forum.

Splitting omnibus eBooks into multiple eBooks seems to be a common request, but there haven't been many tools to do so without a lot of hand editing.

This plugin provides the ability to create new EPUBs by splitting off part of an existing (non-DRM) EPUB format eBook.

Main Features of EpubSplit Plugin:

  • Present the user with a list of 'split lines' in the existing EPUB. The beginning of each file listed in the manifest spine and each Table of Contents(TOC) entry. tagged files are also indicated.
  • 'Preview' contents of each 'split line' as a tooltip over the HREF.
  • Allow user to edit the TOC entry(s) for each 'line'.
  • Select one or more of the offered lines to include in the new eBook,
  • Edit the metadata for the new split eBook, and then,
  • Extract only the selected contents of the source EPUB into the new EPUB,
  • Scan the selected content for CSS & image links for additional files to include,
  • Scan the selected content for internal links and anchors and update links that need to point to different filenames,
  • Use the metadata entered into calibre for the new eBook (including cover) as the metadata in the new EPUB.
  • Return to list of source EPUB sections after creating a new split EPUB.
  • Configure which metadata from source EPUB to copy to new eBook, now offering more of the standard metadata and custom columns.
  • Configurably populate a custom column with the source book title/author/etc.
  • CLI via calibre-debug --run-plugin
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