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FanFicFare is a tool for downloading fanfiction and original stories from various sites into ebook form.

FanFicFare is the rename and move of the FanFictionDownLoader (AKA FFDL, AKA fanficdownloader) project.

Main Features of FanFicFare

Download fanfiction stories from various sites into ebooks.

See SupportedSites for the list of supported sites.

Create various ebook formats.

Currently supported formats are:

  • epub (the preferred open standard used by most readers)
  • mobi (older Kindles--mobi output is not recommended, download epub and convert to AWZ3 for modern Kindles)
  • html
  • txt

calibre plugin version

The calibre plugin version is the most featured version. It can be obtained from within calibre itself, or in the Mobile Read FanFicFare plugin forum.

Additional features of the calibre plugin

  • Runs within calibre on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Download in the background for user convenience.
  • Update/Overwrite existing fanfiction stories from story URL in calibre identity field or epub.
  • Update calibre metadata from website.
  • Option to delete other formats on book update. Handy if you have both a Nook(epub) and Kindle(mobi), for example.
  • Get original URLs from fanfiction stories in your library.
  • Update Reading List plugin lists as an aid to device sync and keeping a list of new books to read. Requires Reading List plugin 1.4.1 or newer to use. See PluginWithReadingList.
  • Update calibre custom columns with story metadata.

Web service version

A web service version, powered by Google's AppEngine, can be found here: http://fanficfare.appspot.com

Most, but not all of the same features and options are available in the web version.

Additional features of the web service

  • Retains recent downloads for a day making it easy to start a download from PC and retrieve it on iPad, for example.

Command Line Interface (CLI) version

Rather being delivered as a zip file with dependencies included, FanFicFare is now delivered as a proper pip Python package. It's been tested on Python 2.6 and 2.7, but not on Python 3.

pip install FanFicFare


pip install --upgrade FanFicFare

...to update.

(pip will automatically install dependencies beautifulsoup4, html5lib, chardet and six.)

Run fanficfare -h from command-line.

Additional features of the CLI

  • -u or --update-epub option will add new chapters to existing epubs.
  • Config changes can be saved in ./personal.ini or ~/.fanficfare/personal.ini.
  • Can be configured to not overwrite files newer than the last story update.
  • Update existing epub format ebooks, downloading only new chapters.

AutomatedFanfic for FanFicFare CLI

MrTyton has created a program called AutomatedFanfic to integrate FanFicFare CLI with Calibre's CLI to perform automated fanfiction updates.

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