Builds CSS sprites and corresponding CSS from a directory of image files.
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Magic Sprites

Build and customize css sprite sheets from a directory of images.

Magic Sprites relies on node-canvas, Installation instructions for your system can be found here Node-Canvas
Magic Sprites contains all of @danleech Simple-Icons using the 48px versions by default. Incidentally this is what prompted this project, me trying to sensibly convert his images into a spritesheet.


$ bower install MagicSprites
$ cd bower_components/MagicSprites
$ npm install

Basic Workflow

# ./your/project/bower_components/MagicSprites
$ gulp build #your compiled css will be in ./assets/css/magic.min.css

# or...

$ gulp watch 
# Will do all of the same stuff as gulp build
# Plus launch a preview server at http://localhost:9000. 
# It reloads on any changes to ./data/simple-icons.json or any additions 
# to ./images/icons_white/48px/

This will build a spritesheet and associated CSS file from simple-icons ./images/icons_white/48px The background-color data for this build can be found at ./data/simple-icons.json

Advanced workflow - building from your own images.

See note at bottom about developing inside bower_components (ie: don't)

Put images in ./images/my-images -> edit ./config.yaml -> gulp build / gulp watch

./config.yaml needs to contain

projectRoot: "./"

iconImagePath: "images/icons_white/48px/"

iconDataPath: "data/simple-icons.json"

iconSplitOnChar: "-"

outputImageDirectory: "assets/images/"

cssOutputDirectory: "assets/css/"

cssFileName: "magic"
  • iconImagePath - Path to your images, relative to projectRoot. No beginning /
  • iconDataPath - Relative path to the image data file. (this will be generated for you with "gulp build")
  • iconSplitOnChar - this is only needed for files appended with -32, -64, -some-junk, it will remove everything after the "-" when it generates classnames. Set to "iconSplitOnChar: false" without quotes if your images do not have annotations.
  • outPutImageDirectory - By default Magic Sprites encodes the png spritesheet as Base64 and includes it inside the resulting CSS file. This saves a request against your server. Changing this setting does nothing, without changing a setting in
  • cssOutputDirectory - Where do you want the CSS file to be output, relative to projectRoot.
  • cssFileName - The name of the final CSS file to be output.

If you have transparent background images, and wish to assign a CSS color to them, simply add the hex color code (with or without the #) to the "hex": field in my-imagedata.json.

Preview server

$ gulp watch

Fires up an express server bound to (http://localhost:9000 or http://internal.server:9000 if you are like me and work on a VM)

Css will be rebuilt on addition of images and changes to ./data/my-imagedata.json (or wherever they are set to), and will be auto-refreshed on your browser.

A note on Bower and bower_components

For the sake of development, all of the built files stay relative to the bower directory. This is probably not good practise, if you value your data. In a real installation you most likely want to use paths outside the MagicSprites directory.

./config.yaml needs to contain

projectRoot: "absolute/path/to/project"

iconImagePath: "images/icons_white/48px/"

iconDataPath: "data/simple-icons.json"

iconSplitOnChar: "-"

outPutImageDirectory: "assets/images/"

cssOutputDirectory: "assets/css/"

cssFileName: "magic"

Additional caveats

This is a beta project, running on a beta build tool, running on a beta platform, and it manipulates files. It doesnt delete anything, simply overwrites files that match. So please dont post an issue here if you named your data file /etc/shadow and are wondering what went wrong.

If you have any other issues, suggestions or improvements feel free to submit an issue or a PR.