Kodi add-on to watch content from https://www.dazn.com
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DAZN Video Plugin for Kodi (plugin.video.dazn)


This plugin is not officially commisioned/supported by DAZN. Any trademarks used belong to their owning companies & organisations.


This add-on requires Kodi 18 or higher with InputStream Adaptive installed.

DRM protected streams

DAZN's content is DRM protected and requires the proprietary decryption module Widevine CDM for playback. You will be prompted to install this if you're starting the addon without the binary installed.

Most Android devices have built-in support for Widevine DRM and doesn't require any additional binaries. You can see if your Android device supports Widevine DRM using the DRM Info app available in Play Store.


Please report any issues or bug reports on the GitHub Issues page. Remember to include a full, non-cut off Kodi debug log. See the Kodi wiki page for more detailed instructions on how to obtain the log file.


This add-on is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. Please see the LICENSE.txt file for details.