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The World’s First Linux-Based OS Designed for Tablets

JingOS is a 'convergent' Linux-based open-source mobile OS for tablets and mobile devices. It can run Linux apps and Android apps. It is created to allow natural control by touch, pencil, keyboard, and trackpad.

Download JingOS

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JingPad A1 - The World’s First Consumer-Level Linux Tablet. Buy JingPad A1

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Our Open-Source Project

JingCore-WindowManger is based on KDE Kwin, it is used to manage the application windows. More gestures and other functions that are specially designed for a Tablet OS are added.

JingCore-CommonComponents is based on KDE Kirigami. It adds more well-designed components for a Tablet OS.

This is the Launcher of JingOS, it includes Home, Dock, Notification, Control Panel. It is based on KDE plasma-phone-components.

Jing-Photos is based on Koko. It is beautifully designed photo app that conforms to the JingOS style and combines both, tablet and desktop experience.

Jing-Kalk is based on Kalk. Jing-Kalk is the calculator app of JingOS. Its style is reshaped to perfectly blend into the JingOS UI and it supports both tablet and desktop mode.

JingApps-Haruna Video Player
Jing-Haruna is an open-source video player built with Qt/QML on top of libmpv.

Jing-KRecorder is based on KRecorder. It is JingOS' audio recorder app with a clean design, that matches the JingOS style. It unifies smooth tablet and desktop usage in one app.

Jing-KClock is the clock app of JingOS and it is based on KClock. Its neat design is created to conform to the JingOS style. It is compatible to tablet and desktop mode.

Jing-Media-Player is based on Vvave. It allows to record and playback audio and video files. The UI is adapted to the JingOS style and it delivers a great user experience on both tablet and desktop devices.

Mobile & Desktop Experience Come Together

JingOS is not only a tablet OS, but also a desktop OS. In tablet mode, you can watch movies, read books, play games using the mobile apps in JingOS. For productivity you can connect a keyboard and a trackpad/mouse to switch to desktop mode. Then you can write documents, and even do coding.

Mobile First, Well Designed

JingOS is designed to be a mobile-first tablet OS. It comes with a lot of beautifully designed icons and animation effects.
It is the most beautiful mobile Linux ever!
JingOS even supports multi-touch gestures, which is very important for modern tablets.

JingOS Supports Linux Apps and Android Apps

We connect Linux and Android apps through technology, making JingOS a ‘convergent’ Linux OS. You can use Linux desktop apps for productivity, and use Android apps for entertainment. More and more apps are coming to our AppStore.

*Android apps native support only available for ARM-based devices

Support for Trackpad Gestures

JingOS has also optimized gestures for the trackpad. You can use trackpad gestures similar to the screen gestures. This provides you a better experience when you are using your device in laptop mode.

About us

JingOS is a product of Jingling Tech. Jing/鲸 means whale, and Ling/鲮 means dace fish in Chinese. The logo of Jingling consist of two intertwined fishes which stands for a small ecosystem.
We have a team of very experienced Linux experts who had previously worked at Lenovo, Alibaba, Samsung, Canonical/Ubuntu, Trolltech and other famous IT companies.

We are based in Beijing and California.


Is JingOS free and open-source?

Yes, JingOS has been open-sourced here on GitHub. And the image files of JingOS can be downloaded from our website.

What is JingOS based on?

JingOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04, KDE Frameworks 5.75, and Plasma Mobile 5.20.

Can JingOS run Android apps?

JingOS ARM for JingPad A1 can run Android apps. For more information, please go to Wiki


  • JingOS v0.6: was released on Jan 31, 2021. It has been tested on Surface Pro 6 and Huawei Matebook 14. It is a preview version of JingOS. You have the control panel and notification center on your Linux tablets just like the iPad! You can check the preview video of the JingOS v0.6 here 302.

  • JingOS v0.8: was released on Mar 31, 2021. It contains a huge amount of updates, including the JingOS App Store, Settings, File Managers, etc. Also a totally new virtual keyboard designed for Linux was added. With v0.8 comes OTA functionality. Several other devices were tested with JingOS v0.8.

  • JingOS v0.9: was released on May 31, 2021. Support for different resolutions, setting wallpapers, file (de)compression was added. The Notification Center and Control Panel were upgraded with the Gaussian blur effect. With v0.9 the password can be complex, i.e. can contain characters, digits and symbols. The mouse click accuracy was improved and several shortcuts were created.

  • JingOS v1.0 ARM: We released this version on September 28th, 2021.

  • JingOS V1.1 ARM: Released on Nov. 6, 2021

  • JingOS V1.1.1 ARM: Released on Nov.30, 2021

  • JingOS V1.2 ARM: Released on Jan. 20, 2022


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