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Liante's Cogs

This repository will contain cogs made by @Liante#0216 for Red-DiscordBot V3


Right now the only one working is levels. I'm looking forward to expanding this list, but the process can be somewhat slow since I don't have a lot of time at the moment.


Stage: beta

This is a simple leveling system inspired by the Leveler for V2 Cog by AznStevy. It's highly configurable and has a few tweaks that make it different from most level systems I've seen so far for Discord.


Stage: alpha

This should help track the server activity. It doesn't log message content, only how many messages were sent in certain period of time. As the stage suggests, don't expect any functionality or documentation at the moment. Use at your own risk.

Suggestions? Contributions?

I'm only getting started with Python and development for discord.

If you'd like to help me out with your input, simply join Red's discord server or Cog's support server and message me.

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