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Cogs to be loaded with Discords Red Bot
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Magik Cogs are for Red-DiscordBot v2. Red-DiscordBot is a multipurpose bot for Discord developed by Twentysix26. To submit an idea for a cog, DM me on discord. You can always find me at the official server for Red or you can find me on my own Support Server here:

Sadly, making and maintaining these cogs costs time, but no money. They're all made in my free time when I'm not doing anything else. But if you have Patreon, and you like my cogs, would you kindly think about donating some spare change by following the following link: and I thank you. :)

The MagikCogs Repo is public and anyone is welcome to use these cogs with their own version of Red-DiscordBot v, however, keep in mind, they were designed or modified for use with Magik Bot.


Use the [p]about to display information about Magik Bot. You can fork this folder and modify the contents to represent your own bot/server as you wish.


A fun game of Battleship agains the bot. A very user friendly simple embeded game with self deleting commands to keep your channel clean.[p]battleship will start the game between the bot and the user sending the command. You CAN have more than one game of battleships running at the same time. Each board is assigned to the command Initiator. To end a game of battleship, simply reply with cancel or Cancel.

Distance Calculator:

NOTE: You will need gpxpy as a Depencency. use pip3 install gpxpy in your console.

Use the [p]distance <coords> command and the bot will calculate the distance between the two coordinates. You will also be provided with the reccomended cooldown time. Example: [p]distance 51.301597 -0.598019 51.270664 -0.594132 This cog can be used for calculating distances for Pokemon Go ++ users.

Many thanks to xDp64x#9133 for his support on these cogs.

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