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Just a fork for simpler serverstats
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Trusty-cogs V3

Red-DiscordBot TrustyJAID Donate to help support more cog creation Subscribe on Patreon

TrustyJAID's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot. To add the cogs to your instance please do: [p]repo add Trusty-cogs

About Cogs

Name Status Description (Click to see full status)
Hockey Release
A cog to gather hockey scores, schedules, player data and more! If you would like to use the built in emoljis, ask me (TrustyJAID#0001) on discord to add your bot to my server hosting the emojis used in this cog. There is also a command to set your own custom emojis.
Notsobot Beta
Working cog for many of NotSoBot's commands. Has lots of requirements, view the cog for details.
ReTrigger Release
Trigger events based on regex!Note: This repo requires pillow to allow resizing of images.
Spoiler Beta
Post spoiler messages in chat and react to the message to view the spoilers.
ExtendedModLog Release
An in depth extension of RedBot's built in modlog. Handles message edits, message deletes, mod bot commands, channel updates, server updates, emoji changes and more
Badges Release
Create your own badge with your discord info. Includes templates for fake CIA, NSA, FBI, Discord, and every NHL hockey team. Requirements: pillow, pybarcode
Tweets Release
A modified version of Palmtree5's twitter cog. Utilizes twitter streams to setup a twitter channel to post user tweets. Requirements: tweepy
Translate Release
Add flag emojis to messages to translate to that language or translate messages by command. (Uses Google Translate and may incur some fees)
AddImage Release
Allows you to add images to be posted on command. Stores the image in the bot folder then uploads the image directly. Owners may add images globally.
Emojireact Release
Have your bot react to emojis in messages with the emoji!
Faces Release
Find your own Japanese style emoji face courtesy of the CIA.
REKT Release
Display a random list of funny rekt messages.
Weather Release
check the current weather in many cities around the world including in Kelvin.
Starboad Release
Create a starboard channel with custom emojis.
Imgflip Release
A recreation of the meme generator from red V1.
Imagemaker Release
A cog to paste avatars onto images like beautiful and pepe. Requirements: pillow, opencv-python, and numpy
Conversions Release
Currency, crypto, and stocks commands.
Mock Release
Mock the user who last posted!Note: This requires not having the --dev flag enabled, however if you need both install the dev cog in my repo.
Encoding Release
Encode messages into various types of encoding.Includes, sha hashes, md5, caeser cihpher, binar, and DNA
Compliment Release
Compliment a user!
ServerStats Release
A plethora of potentially useful functions on server info. Includes a way to track the bot joining new servers, find cheaters on global economies, get user avatars and even larger emojis.
Runescape Beta
a cog to grab Runescape 3 stats and profile information.
Destiny Beta
a cog to grab Destiny 2 stats and profile information. Note: This cog requires downloading a manifest ~160 MB.
Fun Release
The fun cog from Appu's Selfbot rewritten for redbot V3 including adding reactions and other "fun" commands.
Gabai Beta
A cog to grab information and posts from
Tarot Release
Find your tarot reading, your life reading, or pull a random tarot card! Search for specific tarot cards.
APNGFilter Release
Automatically filter animated PNG's.Also works with linked animated PNG's.
CrabRave Release
Create your very own Crab Rave videos with custom text!This cog requires moviepy, FFMPEG, and Imagemagick and downloads the template video locally.

Works in Progress

These Cogs are a work in progress and have limited to no functionality at the moment. Feel free to leave ideas or suggestions!

Name Status Description (Click to see full status)
Halo Work in Progress
Cogs for accessing information from the Halo video games API systems.
Chatter Alpha
Currently disabled until I can work on it.Teach your bot how to talk by watching conversations on servers and reply. Uses chatterbot library. NOTE: This cog is not recommended to be used at this time. After a month of usage it caused the whole bot to slow down while it searched for responses. I recommend looking at cleverbot for the time being.

Rewritten Cogs Originally Made by others

These cogs were originally written by others for V2. As they were used frequently on TrustyBot I ported them over quickly for V3. A better version may be available.

Name Status Description (Click to see full status)
Autorole Release
Automatically apply roles when a user joins the server.
Stickyroles Release
Keep user roles when they leave the server and re-join. Useful for muted roles.
Welcome Beta
Welcomes users to the server.
Cleverbot Release
Have your bot respond with cleverbot requires a paid API key, is supported
Insult Release
Insult a user! goteem

Special cogs

These cogs are not meant for mainstream use but may provide some useful functions for some people. Support may be limited.

Name Status Description (Click to see full status)
Backup Release
Backs up all messages on a server. Use with caution and ensure any backups are stored on an encrypted drive.
Juche Release
Corrects dates posted in discord with the current Juche year.
Dev Release
A copy of the developer commands in redbot with sudo replacing mock like V2. NOTE:This bypasses the --dev flag and is not recommended unless you know what you're doing.
Hue Release
A cog to control Philips Hue lights through discord. Not tested with bots outside the home network.

Any questions you can find TrustyBot and myself over on my server or on the Redbot Cog Support server.


  • Twentysix - Cleverbot cog, imgflip cog, Stickyroles cog
  • Lunar Dust - Autorole cog
  • Arien - Compliments cog, Insult cog
  • JennJenn - Compliments cog, Insult cog
  • Appu - Fun cog
  • Ivan Seidel ( - Trump command
  • Bruno Lemos ( - Trump command
  • João Pedro ( - Trump command
  • RePulsR - Modlogs cog
  • NotSoSuper - Notsobot cog
  • Aziz - Translate cog
  • Palmtree5 - Tweets cog
  • irdumb - Welcome cog
  • DankMemer Team - CrabRave cog

Credits wouldn't be complete without a huge shout out to all the people who have inspired me to create many of these cogs. Thank you to everyone who has pushed me to think about new ideas and implement them.

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