🦄 Swift server open source projects based on the Swift 4.1 and Vapor 3 frameworks. (Swift 服务端开源项目)
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This is a Swift Server Side open source project built on the Swift 4.1 and Vapor 3 frameworks.

Because of apple’s release of the cool event-driven non-blocking network framework SwiftNIO, Vapor 3 introduced it at a blazing pace, leading to Vapor 2 and Vapor 3. The grammar is very different. For me personally, it looks like the difference between Swift 2 -> Swift 3 is awkward. So I used Vapor 3 to rewrite part of the interface and open it for reference and communication with interested partners. Currently listed in the document API has been deployed in a formal environment application, and will continue to be perfected as needed.

Projects are deployed at http://api.jinxiansen.com (Ubuntu 16.04), most api can be debugged directly here.

Here are just a few basic API and instructions. For more information, please download the project.

Preview 📑

This project includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Complete login, registration, password change, and exit function
  • Send personal updates, get dynamic lists, get dynamic pictures, report
  • Chinese characters, idioms, and after-sentence queries
  • Crawler example: Crawling the iOS job information to get the crawl results
  • Example of crawling novels: mortal cultivation into a biography of God
  • Python interaction: Swift calls native Python(.py) with parameter interaction examples
  • Example of mail delivery
  • HTML display example.

👉 From here , preview the currently completed API sample documentation and debugging.

Installation 🚀

Preliminary work of running the project:

If you prefer mysql, you can see here.

Feedback 🤔

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can submit a Issue ,

or contact me with email: hi@jinxiansen.com

License 📄

SwiftServerSide-Vapor is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.