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What is mGrab?

mGrab is a miniature API wrapper for TinyGrab '2.0', this was origonally developed by NSPwn for SB2Cloud. This is designed to work within SpringBoard on iOS so yeah it might not work for you.

How do i use it?

The implementation file is self explanatory. [mGrab error] will contain the last error message, [mGrab url] will return the url of the last upload.

mGrab *grab = [[mGrab alloc] initWithEmail:@"" andPassword:@"password"];

if (! [grab login])
    //Failed to login
    return NO;

NSString *url = [grab upload:@"/Users/somebody/Desktop/NicePicture.png"];

if (url != nil)
    //Sweet everything worked, url returned
    return url;

NSLog(@"mGrab error: %@", [mGrab error]);
return @"";
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