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Jiro Gitter Build Status

Is an e-commerce framework based on Laravel and built from framwork-agnostic PHP packages. Our paradigm is based around the principal that e-commerce requirements are very unique to each use-case and a modular approach gives developers the leverage they need to address their applications requirements.


Very early stages of development, we are looking for significant community participation. We believe the current PHP e-commerce offerings are lacking and present a void in the PHP ecosphere. This project envisions filling that gap, lend us a hand and become part of something big while we are at ground zero. Please contact andrewmclagan@gmail.com if you would like to become a core contributer. Otherwise submit pull-requests to the master branch.

Currently all development is being done on jiro-commerce/jiro and packages will be in ./jiro/package-name folders through to 0.2.0 as its easier. There after we will split out all packages into their own repositories.

We are following the PSR-2 coding style guide strictly.

Browse the issues and comment on anything you intend to work on so there is no crossover. We will setup a gitter channell ASAP.



  • Basic entities (products, orders, promotions etc)
  • Basic backend administration (auth, cms, entitiy CRUD)
  • Basic extension system, ability to add packages to admin
  • Basic frontend with no themeing abilities


  • Variable products (EAV pattern)
  • Product attributes (EAV pattern)
  • Promotions
  • Grid / table system for displaying lists of entity data
  • Themeing system (back and frontend)
  • Split packages into individual repositories


  • TBA


Jiro is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license