Documentation for the Jisc Open Research Hub Canonical data model.
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Data model documentation store

Information about the latest version of the canonical data model supporting the Jisc Open Research Hub can be found in the Data-Model folder. The Background folder contains the concept model is, which is provided for background information only.

UML diagrams in this repository are in the metadata-json format with an .mdj extension, and can be viewed using StarUML.


Current version:    4.0.0.

Releases of this data model can be found under Releases. Vendors MUST implement against a release - all other branches are considered in a constant state of flux and MAY change at any time.

The versioning scheme of this data model follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 (also known as SemVer). Using SemVer, the version number is given in the format of MAJOR.MINOR.PATH, where:

  • MAJOR version changes contain non-compatible API changes.
  • MINOR version changes contain backwards compatible enhancements.
  • PATCH version changes contain backwards compatible bugfixes.

Vendors implementing this specification SHOULD make a best effort to implement all MINOR and PATCH changes as and when they are made available. The implementation and release of MAJOR changes however MUST be coordinated with maintainers of the messaging system to ensure compatibility between this data model and the messaging system itself.