Starter theme for The Genesis Framework
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  • A custom starter theme for the Genesis Framework

Basic starting customizations

(Mostly for my team at BizBudding Inc.)

  1. Change the theme directory name to match the domain ( would be /genesis/example-site/
  2. Remove (or change) GitHub Theme URI and GitHub Branch from style.css to stop automatic updates for the starter theme
  3. Change theme name at the top of style.css and functions.php
  4. Change version number in style.css and functions.php (leave Baseline version number in style.css)
  5. Change theme URL in functions.php, if needed
  6. Search and replace full theme for 'prefix_' and replace with your prefix for new site
  7. Update exact image dimensions for .site-title a {} is style.css
  8. Use those dimensions for the login logo on the prefix_custom_dashboard_logo() function near the bottom of functions.php
  9. Search and replace the default link/button color (#067CCC) with whatever the main 'accent' color is for a base color scheme

Custom Layouts

Baseline comes with a bunch of custom layouts that can be applied via the Genesis Layouts metabox

Baseline layouts

Some are always available while others require an archive page (page set as Posts page, categories, tags, taxonomies, custom post types)

Custom layouts include:

  1. md-content
  2. sm-content
  3. xs-content
  4. grid-archive-4
  5. grid-archive-3
  6. grid-archive-2
  7. grid-archive-4md
  8. grid-archive-3md
  9. grid-archive-2md
  10. grid-archive-4sm
  11. grid-archive-3sm
  12. grid-archive-2sm
  13. grid-archive-4-content-sidebar
  14. grid-archive-4-sidebar-content
  15. grid-archive-3-content-sidebar
  16. grid-archive-3-sidebar-content
  17. grid-archive-2-content-sidebar
  18. grid-archive-2-sidebar-content

Force Layout

If you want to force a custom layout in a template, use the 'prefix_site_layout' filter

add_filter( 'prefix_site_layout', function( $layout ) {
    $layout = 'grid-archive-4';
    return $layout;