LORIS's Data Query Tool, written as a CouchApp
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#DQT 2.0

The new Loris Data Query Tool.


Before using this code, you must have the following prerequisites installed


The Easy Way

Create a database on your local CouchDB instance, and clone the code from the server http://couchdb.loris.ca:5984/dataquerytool-$VERSION where $VERSION is separated by underscores rather than dots (because dots are not allowed in CouchDB database names.)


curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST http://$YOURCOUCHDBADMIN:$YOURCOUCHADMINPASS@$YOURSERVERNAME:5984/_replicate -d '{"source":"http://couchdb.loris.ca:5984/dataquerytool-1_0_0", "target":"$YOURDATABASENAME"}'

The Hard Way (for development)

First, create a CouchDB database using Futon (\_utils/index.html). In the following example, the database is named "dqg".

Next, clone this repository:

git clone git@github.com:aces/DQG-2.0.git

Finally, push to CouchDB using erica

cd DQG-2.0
erica push http://adminuser:adminpass@

Visit to ensure code was pushed.

##Populating data from Loris

Add a section to your Loris config.xml for CouchDB


In your Loris tools directory run the CouchDB_Import_* scripts

cd $lorisroot/tools

#Import the base candidate data
php CouchDB_Import_Demographics.php

#Import the Loris instrument data
#This step is optional and not required if
#only the MRI portion of Loris is used
php CouchDB_Import_Instruments.php

#Import the Loris MRI data
#This step is optional and not required
#if the MRI portion of Loris isn't installed
php CouchDB_Import_MRI.php