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GraphoApp is for handwriting analysis and graphology.
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GraphoApp is for learning graphology and practicing handwriting analysis. Grapho App is a project of Global Graphologists Association. A registered non-profit with primary objective to promote graphology and graphologists.

How it works.

The grapho app database has 4 components.

  1. Formation title
  2. Formation image
  3. What that formation means in graphology. - Science
  4. What to say (how to express) to the handwriting owner. - Art

In the learning mode, the grapho app helps any individual learn about all possible handwriting formations using the index system.

In analysis mode, the the grapho app shows users various formations and the user chooses which formations they see in the handwriting. On submitting they get a pdf report which shows formation title, image and what to say.

This grapho app will not only promote graphology and increase number of people benefiting from handwriting analysis, but it will help serious graphologists conduct research, which will foster further growth in graphology.

You are invited, to contribute time if not money towards this effort.

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