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The Rehearsal Series workshops offer a blueprint for exploring choreographic meaning and notions of embodiment within digital media environments — leading to reflection on programming and being programmed:

How can we move away from pre-choreographed environments and move towards building our own choreographies? How can we find alternatives to fixed ways of building space-time conditions within digital and physical spheres? How can we rethinking composition, participation, relations and articulations between bodies and technologies?

A critical and exploratory approach to how the human movement, perception and embodiment work may give artistic and programming practices new (and more critical) pointers.

About the author:

My name is Joana Chicau, I am a designer, live coder, researcher with a background in dance. I run a trans-disciplinary research project which interweaves media design and web environments with performance and choreographic practices. The project follows Free/Libre Open Source (Floss) models.

Recent work includes an investigation on Eshkol Wachman Movement Notation; a new project on the Japanese dance expression Butoh and a project published on the online VR Internet Moon Gallery.

Since 2014 I have been integrating different communities within media art/ software studies /critique to create new alternative circuits within the technological sphere of programming languages; and the possible encounters with the sensory-motor structures that regulate our bodies and movements. Recently I started co-organizing live coding events with a Q&A between the performers and the audience, which focused on issues of transparency, accessibility, inclusion and gender equality within this practices.

More details on past, present and future happenings please visit here or follow me here.

Recently published material on the research project: an article; an essay ; an interview.

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