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A repository for maintaing the fave-align and fave-extract toolkits
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FAVE toolkits

This is a repository for the FAVE-Align and FAVE-extract toolkits. The first commit here represents the toolkit as it was available on the FAVE website as of October 21, 2013. The extractFormants code in the JoFrhwld/FAAV repository represents an earlier version of the code.

FAVE website

The interactive website for utilizing FAVE can be found at


You can find user support for installing and using the FAVE toolkits at the FAVE Users' Group.

Contributing to FAVE

For the most part, we'll be utilizing the fork-and-pull paradigm (see Using Pull Requests). Please send pull requests to the dev branch.

If you want to keep up to date on FAVE development, or have questions about FAVE development, send a request to join the FAVE Developers' Group.


DOI As of v1.1.3 onwards, releases from this repository will have a DOI associated with them through Zenodo. The DOI for the current release is 10.5281/zenodo.22281. We would recommend the citation:

Rosenfelder, Ingrid; Fruehwald, Josef; Evanini, Keelan; Seyfarth, Scott; Gorman, Kyle; Prichard, Hilary; Yuan, Jiahong; 2014. FAVE (Forced Alignment and Vowel Extraction) Program Suite v1.2.2 10.5281/zenodo.22281

Use of the interactive online interface should continue to cite:

Rosenfelder, Ingrid; Fruehwald, Josef; Evanini, Keelan and Jiahong Yuan. 2011. FAVE (Forced Alignment and Vowel Extraction) Program Suite.

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