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Dynamic content search add-on for MODx Revolution that supports results highlighting, faceted search and search in custom packages
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AdvSearch is an advanced search extra for Modx Revolution. It allows search in dynamic contents (by using Zend Lucene search API), setting up of faceted search and searching in custom packages.


  • Revo 2.1 and upper (Php and MySQL versions)
  • UTF-8 charset
  • php multi-bytes setting ON
  • Jquery 1.5.1 (provided with AdvSearch)
  • Zend Lucene Search classes from Zend library 1.11


Addon installation via package management.
You need to install the Zend Lucene Search classes first to run a search. (Read the installation chapter of the cheatsheet document).

Usage & documentation

Use AdvSearchForm snippet to set up a search form. Get the results by using AdvSearch snippet.

Download the production zip transport package from the Modx repository.
Download the development branch for setting up a version with the last fixes.


Browse the demos on the demo site
Read the cheatsheet document (see inside assets/components/advsearch/docs).

Copyright Information

AdvSearch is distributed as GPL (as Modx Revolution is), but the copyright owner (Coroico) grants all users of AdvSearch the ability to modify, distribute and use AdvSearch in MODX development as they see fit, as long as attribution is given somewhere in the distributed source of all derivative works.

Bugs patches and features requests

Post issues by using the github Issues tab.
Thanks to pull your updates through the Pull Requests tab.

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