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Use your own class object to easily load and save configuration settings to App/Web/Custom .config or .xml file.
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ConfigHelper enables to you easily save and load data from a .config or .xml file by inputting an object with properties to represent the data.

An example configuration class: Using ConfigHelper as of v2 doesn't change too much but is significant:

public class MyConfiguration {
    //First change is the IConfigSettings interface which has been created
    private readonly IConfigSettings _configSettings;
    private readonly string _configName;
    private readonly string _configPath;

    public MyConfiguration(IConfigSettings configSettings, string configName, string configPath)
        _configSettings = configSettings;
        _configName = configName;
        _configPath = configPath;

    public string MyString { get; set; }
    public double MyDouble { get; set; }
    public Point[] MyPoints { get; set; }

    public void Save() {
	    //This is the second change and also what might be a bit confusing
	    //all Save methods has become one method and now relies on
	    //.Save<T> where T is a class which tells what type of config it is
	    //in this example we are using a XmlConfig hence .Save<XmlConfig>
	    //the others are AppConfig, WebConfig and CustomConfig
        _configSettings.Save<XmlConfig>(this, _configName, _configPath);
    public void Load() {
	    //The same change is true for this .Load<T> method
        _configSettings.Load<XmlConfig>(this, _configName, _configPath);

any properties marked with the attribute [IsSetting] will be saved to the desired configuration file, in this case it will be an xml file.

Example usage:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    IConfigSettings configSettings = new ConfigSettings();
    var tmpString = "TestString";
    var config = new MyConfiguration(configSettings, "configuration", Server.MapPath("~/"))
                         MyString = tmpString,
                         MyDouble = 29.42,
                         MyPoints = new[] {new Point(3, 2), new Point(45, 78)}
    //We reset everything
    config.MyString = "";
    config.MyDouble = 0;
    config.MyPoints = new Point[]{};
    //We load it
    if (config.MyString == tmpString)
        //we know it worked it if gets here
        var i = 1;
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