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Awesome Light Fields Awesome

A curated list of awesome light field resources.

Introductory material



Live Scenes

Moving Camera

Array of Cameras

Array of Lenses

Synthetic Scenes



  • Please refer to the seminal papers for the classic two-plane parameterization.


  • Uniformly Sampled Light Fields - Emilio Camahort, Apostolos Lerios, Don Fussell. This paper introduces the Two-Sphere Parameterization (2SP), the Sphere-Plane Parameterization (SPP) and associated data structures for storage and retrieval.
  • Rendering of Spherical Light Field - Insung Ihm, Sanghoon Park, Rae Kyoung Lee. This paper introduces the Sphere-Sphere Parameterization: one positional sphere and many small directional spheres.


  • Unstructured Lumigraph Rendering - Chris Buehler, Michael Bosse Leonard McMillan, Steven Gortler, Michael Cohen. This paper presents the basic challenges of unstructured light field rendering and describes a strategy for real time rendering.
  • Unstructured Light Fields - Abe Davis, Marc Levoy, Fredo Durand. This paper presents an approach to capturing a light field using a hand-held video camera, estimating camera poses using fiducial markers or scene features.

Using geometry or depth



Data structures



  • Dynamically reparameterized light fields - Aaron Isaksen, Leonard McMillan, Steven J. Gortler. This paper uses a planar proxy geometry to refocus the rays, and describes a related rendering algorithm to accelerate the synthesis of new views.
  • 1997 - Gortler - Time Critical Lumigraph Rendering


Light Field Displays

VR Headsets


  • Lightshop - Interactive Light Field Manipulation and Rendering
  • How Do People Edit Light Fields?
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