Converter for SerialDebug. Convert standard Serial.prints to SerialDebug library
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SerialDebug Library for Arduino - source converter

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SerialDebug is a improved serial debugging to Arduino, with simple software debugger, to see/change global variables, to add watch for these variables, or call a function, in runtime, using serial monitor.

This Java program is a converter, to help to migrate your Arduino codes, from Serial.prints to SerialDebug library



SerialDebug is a library to Improved serial debugging and simple software debugger to Arduino.

SerialDebug library

This converter is to help migrate your codes to use SerialDebug library

This program do:

  • Put #include for SerialDebug library
  • Detects global variables and put in setup, SerialDebug calls to add it into a their simple software debugger
  • Detect the level of debugs, if you code has a lot of Serial.prints, the level is Verbose, else Debug. A suggestion is after conversion, change the messages importants (not Verbose) to Debug, Info, Warning or Error.
  • Save the source files in separate diretory, appending _Dbg in names
  • Open the directory converted, into a system explorer, so You can open this in Arduino

Beta version

This is a beta version. Not yet fully tested, optimized, and documented.


Contribute to this libray development by creating an account on GitHub.

Please give a star, if you find this library usefull, this help a another people, discover it too.

Please add a issue for problems or suggestion.

I suggest you use a Github Desktop New app to clone, it help to keep updated.

How it looks

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6


This runs in MacOsx, Linux and Windows (and other supported by Java).

You can use this converter in 3 modes:

  • Java project

    If you is a Java developer:

    • Just download or clone this repository.

    • And open project a Java IDE, as Eclipse.

  • Binary release (needs Java runtime)

    • You can download binary release of this converter

    Latest binary release: Jar runnable - release v0.1.0

    • Uncompress the Zip file,
    • And run the jar file
  • In SerialDebugApp (not needs Java runtime)

    • Just click in "Conv." button.


0.1.0 - 2018-10-17

- First beta