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Darasa project is a class attendance, monitoring and management system that comprise of two android applications and a web dashboard.

Darasa Student app is an attendance-recording app that helps students confirm their class attendance. As a Student, you will also be able to plan your schedule and classes easily with darasa timetable.
Darasa Lecturer app essentially helps the Lecturer plan their semester well ahead of time. It provides swift and easy way of creating and managing classes. On top, it allows you to track attendance of students in each unit/class you teach.

Table of contents

about Darasa Lecturer app

With Darasa Lecturer app. A lecturer creates a class by providing information like unit name, unit code, course(s) that are taking the class. The semester and year, this unit is going to take place. The room the class will be taking place. During lesson time the lecturer forms a local network that capturers all student devices that are currently in the classroom to record and confirm their attendance.



about Darasa Student app

With Darasa Student app. A student will be able to plan for his/her classes well ahead of time as it displays the classes for the whole semester. On top, the student is able to scan for the lecturer’s network in order to confirm the attendance. The student is also able to receive special instructions from Lecturer and receive e-learning materials easily.



about Darasa Web dashboard

With Darasa Web dashboard. The administration of the school are able to track the attendance of students. Track attendance of individual units, students and lecturers. With statistical charts and graphs managing the students is a delight again.



Lecturer app preview

Student app preview

student app is now available:


App Store

Download it on Google Play


  1. Internet
  2. Network state
  3. Location

To Do List

Add the various things that you are working on.

  • Adding scan animations to the Student scan screen
  • Creating a Qr code
  • Updating the App to use AndroidX
  • Updating theme to Material design components
  • Adding lecturer messaging to students
  • Adding notification screen in student app
  • Make web dashboard more reactive

Promo Video (Click for full video)

Watch the video



List of the Contributors on GitHub

Want to contribute?

I would/ We'd love to have your help in making Darasa better. The project is still very incomplete, but if there's an issue you'd like to see addressed sooner rather than later, let me(/us) know.

For any concerns, please open an issue, or JUST, fork the project and send a pull request.



Lecturer app

Student app

Contact information

For personal feedback or questions feel free to contact me via the mail address, which is mentioned on my Github profile. If you have found any bugs or want to post a feature request please use the bugtracker to report them.



| Darasa Lecturer app | Darasa Student app | Team Name: Darasa | Darasa project is a class attendance, monitoring and management system | LICENSE | Kenya | Job Getabu | Denis Mwaniki | Samwel Kamwana

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