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Dec 3, 2017

The Frontend job interview preparation guide

The goal of this guide is to help you prepare and practice for your next Frontend job interview. We have curated this list of resources to keep it as impactful as possible. The learning resources are mostly focused around JavaScript, but the practice questions cover the entire Frontend spectrum.

This guide is targeted specifically to Frontend roles in the industry. There are resources about JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and general Frontend knowledge. We've also included introductory Data Structures and Algorithm questions. Not all companies interview Frontend developers the same way -- that's why we also created How Companies Hire to give you an insight into how to prepare for the specific company you're applying for.

When it comes to preparing for interviews there's no real secret. You have to learn the material and practice.

📕 Two simple steps


These resources are the ideal to brush up on Frontend related topics. Before diving into practice questions it's best to review or learn Frontend specific material.


You Don't Know JS

You Don't Know JS is arguablly the single best resource for learning JavaScript and how it works under the hood.

Eloquent JavaScript

Functional Programming in JavaScript video series 🎥

Understanding the Event Loop video 🎥

What Makes Javascript Weird and awesome video series 🎥

JavaScript Design patterns

Even though this book is higher level than the previous two, it's worth reading. After reviewing the previous low level books applying that to design patterns should bring everything together.

JavaScript (ES6 focused)

Ecmascript 6

Learn Ecmascript 6 interactively

Data Structures

Itsy Bitsy Data Structures

If you're already very familiar with data structures it's worth skipping this. Depending on the type of Frontend job you're looking for Itsy Bitsy Data Structures may not be completely relevant -- although, it will strengthen any developers approach to programming.


Getting started with CSS


This is where it all comes together. Go through as many practice problems as you can. There's no secret to it other than time, effort, and repetition. If you don't know an answer spend extra time understanding it.

Practice questions 🔑

Frontend Job Interview Questions

That JS Dude

Frontend Job Interview Questions, including algorithms

Adeva JS interview questions

Toptal JavaScript interview questions

Frontend Quizzes

David Shariff quiz
The Front End Web Development Quiz from David Shariff is more fun than realistic. A lot of the questions are specific nuggets of information that are generally not asked in real interviews. Go through this one and have some fun, but don't be too worried about your score.

Triplebyte interview

TripleByte online quiz should only be done if you are serious about applying to a company they partner with. Their Frontend interview process if real and can lead to a potential job offer.

Glassdoor Questions

These questions are meant to reflect real interview questions you would get from interviewing at Facebook or Airbnb. Try your best to solve the questions without looking up answers. Break the problem down into small pieces and start solving from there.

Facebook Glassdoor Frontend Interview questions

Airbnb Glassdoor Frontend Interview questions

Paid sources

The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures


This is a curated list of resources by the team at Narative.

Narative brands, builds and markets products on behalf of growth-minded companies.
We're a team with senior startup experience here to help your business take the next step.




The single source for preparing for a Frontend interview



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