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Added my daily startup routine script

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1 parent 5402f04 commit 0a5a859604e43ec0cca68c692014f3d421926aea Dean Sofer committed Aug 1, 2012
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+# Turn on everything I need to start my day
+# Paths [change these]
+# Shutdown anything already running
+echo -e "\n\n=== Shutting Down Tomcat ===\n\n"
+echo -e "\n\n=== Shutting Down Apache ActiveMQ ===\n\n"
+$activemq/bin/activemq stop
+echo -e "\n\n=== Shutting Down MySQL ===\n\n"
+mysqladmin -u root shutdown
+echo -e "\n\n=== Removing MongoDB Lock File ===\n\n"
+rm -f /data/db/mongod.lock
+# TODO: Should shutdown mongo if it's already running
+# Start everything
+echo -e "\n\n=== Starting MySQL ===\n\n"
+mysqld_safe5 > /dev/null 2>&1 &
+echo -e "\n\n=== Starting MongoDB ===\n\n"
+mkdir $mongo/logs
+$mongo/bin/mongod --fork --logpath $mongo/logs/mongo.out
+echo -e "\n\n=== Rebuilding Project ===\n\n"
+$dev/ 13
+echo -e "\n\n=== Starting Apache ActiveMQ ===\n\n"
+$activemq/bin/activemq start
+echo -e "\n\n=== Starting Tomcat ===\n\n"
+# Tail tomcat
+echo -e "\n\n=== Tailing Tomcat ===\n\n"
+tail -f $tomcat/logs/catalina.out

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