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adbLink 2.06 changelog
adbLink now works with Kodi for Android/Windows/macOS/Linux
for non-Android functions such as backup/restore, edit XML,
Built-in XML/Text editor.
Kodi 17 cache xml settings added.
Cache help html rewritten to reflect changes
Error handler for Android ADB added
(hopefully will prevent adb error loops)
Test (logcat) function for ADB connections added
Uninstall APK: filter added for search
Cache settings can now be copied to clipboard then
pasted into existing advancedsettings.xml
Help files re-added
(missed in changeover to new adbLink name)
Help files for various new functions added.
Copy path to clipboard: This function will
make busybox applets available to ADB shell.
high DPI screen scaling
adbLink 2.05 changelog
View/copy Kodi log files
Bug condition in busybox installation fixed.
Screen capture function restored. See help.
"Device Unauthorized" help file added.
For drive mounting & samba please use
play store services.
adbLink 2.04 changelog
Application name change per
demand from Amazon's lawyers.
New name: adbLink
QT framework updated to v5.6
Deprecated Fire OS functions removed
3rd-party root functions removed
adbLink 2.03 changelog
SPMC package name changed
Minor code cleanup
adbLink 2.02b changelog
More fixes to restore routines
adbLink 2.02a changelog
Fixes to restore routines.
adbLink 2.02 changelog
adbLink is now compatible with most Android devices
WIFI/USB Remote control added
Installs rbox v3 recovery on 4K AFTVs
Windows download is now an installer instead of zip file
Kodi partiton value initialzed for new devices.
Routine added to detect Amazon OS5.
Routine added to identify Amazon/Nvidia devices.
Dropbear removed, OpenSSH added. Root no longer required
FireStarter install moved to the menu->file section
Help Backup section expanded.
Device Offline status detected.
Device Unauthorized status detected.
FireStarter installation moved to File->Menu
For rooted Lollipop devices:
SELinux set to permissive with external drive mounts.
SELinux set to Enforcing after external drive umounts.
At boot options require a rom with configurable startup script.
adbLink 2.01 changelog
Autoconnect turned off, no
autoconnect at startup, edit
or other routines.
Edit validation routines added for
description, device address,
package-name and file path.
New field "root path" added to
device record. Tracks where
Kodi data is installed.
e.g. /sdcard/, /storage/sdcard1/, etc.
cache write to advancedsettings.xml
moved to standalone dialog
XBMC preset removed from device setup.
MainWindow set to fixed size.
Splash Screen and Cache buttons
added to main window
Standard and root function buttons
moved into separate groups
adbLink 2.0 changelog
Updated for Fire TV 2.0 - Fire OS 5
Data relocation destinations added:
Backup now recognizes external locations
Backup now works with drives other than C:
Restore now restores to external locations
Various bugfixes
adbLink 1.31 changelog
Splash Screen install fixed
USB drivers updated
FireStarter install added
Llama options screen updated
Various bug fixes
adbLink 1.30 changelog
Root users: "Busybox not installed" error fixed
All users: TubiTV no longer works as a Kodi launcher,
removed from Llama Options.
adbLink 1.29 changelog
adbLink database supports unlimited devices
USB mode now automatic
See connected devices at a glance
Ad Hoc directory browsing for push/pull/delete
Updated hyperlinked help
Many bug fixes
adbLink 1.28 changelog
Busybox non-root install and path fixed
for USB mode.
Linux: sucheck delay added
adbLink 1.27 changelog
Qt Framework updated from 5.3.2 to 5.4.2
Llama Options dialog updated to correct
misalignment in some situations.
adbLink 1.26 changelog
Google adb for Windows/OSX/Linux updated to 1.0.32.
Classic TV Llama routine updated to Tubi TV. Classic
TV has been replaced by Tubi TV. Docs/Icons/filepaths updated.
TVMC packagename/filepath updated based on
new specifications from TVMC development team.
USB mode tested with Fire TV.
Documentation updated to reflect USB debugging
availability for Fire TV.
regression error, embedded spaces in filename issue in
push/pull/delete fixed
adbLink 1.25 changelog
/data swap script edited
for pre-rooted firmware 51.1.5. Thanks to
derpeter@xda for the fix.
code edit for cache routine in device setup
to put advancedsettings.xml in extUsb if required.
Backup routine fixed to allow for relocated Thumbnails.
USB mode routines expanded. The USB mode checkbox now
attempts to detect if a device is connected via USB. A
USB via console checkbox is provided as a backup method
if a USB connection is made manually at the adbLink console.
Please refer to the USB mode/USB via console help file
for more detail.
adbLink 1.24 changelog
Kodi/Fork data move to/from extUsb
Kodi/Fork Thumbnails move to/from extUsb
Backup/Restore works with moved data/Thumbnails
Push/Pull/Delete works with moved data/Thumbnails
HTML help added for Kodi data move options
extUsb added to Push/Pull/Delete dropdown choices
adbLink 1.23 changelog
Busybox added for non-root users.
Bug writing Linux scripts from Windows
systems fixed.
init.d scripts reordered to allow for a
initial sleep script to pause init.d
run-levels processing when needed.
Tooltips added to share mounting dialog.
Delete boot mount script button added to
share mounting dialog.
All ssh control commands are bash scripts,
editable by user. There are three:
Dropbear ssh is now password-free. Required
key files for Windows PuTTY and Mac/Linux openssh are
supplied. Both Fire TV and PC-side installation
are automated.
SSH server starts on demand. Start at boot option
SSH/SFTP html help files updated.
Bug where file pull breaks when target folder
has embedded spaces is fixed.
Bug allowing empty 04mntshares script fixed.
Bug pulling screenshots into directories with
embedded spaces fixed.
Existence check for pull directory added.
TVMC added to media center presets in setup dialog.
TVMC added to Llama options.
adbLink 1.22 changelog
Llama Options now include SPMC, Koyring's
fork of Kodi. Start SPMC at boot, place
the SPMC icon in the FTV's Recent area.
Llama Options now gives you the
choice of Ikono TV or Classic TV
as your switching program.
Device Setup "Updates" button message changed from
"No update available" to "No adbLink update available"
Various typos in html help fixed.
Mount USB drives at boot checkbox moved to Device Setup.
System Tools installation now checks for backups of drive
mount & /data swap scripts and offers to restore them.
Samba now completely removed when System Tools are
Samba installation now seperate from System Tools
installation. System tools is a prerequisite.
Installation of stock recovery and clockwork mod
are now seperate functions.
rbox full unlock added. Currently, the unlock cannot be reversed.
Kodi/XBMC/SPMC filepaths and packagenames pre-programmed
in Device Setup dialog.
Device Setup: SSH at boot, Mount at boot and Amazon updates
These root functions require that the checkbox be
checked/unchecked by the user. Nothing automatic occurs.
adbLink 1.20 changelog
Timestamp/Version number/OS header added to log file
Main window combobox now contains device description, not IP.
Samba server off/on indicator added
File Path field added to device database. This is to
accomodate Kodi forks that diverge from /file/.kodi/
or /file/.xbmc/ file path, e.g. SPMC.
Device Setup Help re-written to reflect new layout.
Root requirement to check Kodi running state removed.
The adbLink Backup format is now similar to the format of the
Kodi Backup Addon.
Backups made by the Kodi Backup Addon can be restored by adbLink.
Main window "Setup" button now reads "Device Setup"
Busybox v1.24 smaller, more applets and HFS+ Label/UUID support
New SSH. Recompiled for more speed, less size and no 2gb file
size limit with sftp/scp.
adbLink now attempts connection with first device at startup.
adbLink now attempts connection when device is selected
from combobox.
When uninstalling System Tools, backups are made of the script and if it exists
Llama Options for XBMC/Kodi on boot simplified.
Llama updated to 1.2014.11.20.2003
"Backup Kodi" button now reads "Backup"
"Restore Kodi" button now reads "Restore"
LLama Options "Boot AFTV to Kodi" replaces "Kodi" with "Media Center"
Llama Options "Link Kodi to ikonoTV" replaces "Kodi" with "Media Center"
adbLink 1.18 changelog
Bug in aftv-unlock detection fixed.
Check for enduser-added spaces in app filename.
Fixed initialization bug when switching between
devices via the combobox.
Fixed bug in root detection function.
NTFS write speeds fixed.
Mount HFS+ (Mac) USB drives
Three presets added to Kodi Cache selection in
Device Setup
Help Selection: "Preferences Dialog" changed to "Device Setup"
adbLink 1.17 changelog
Menu option "Preferences" changed to "Device Setup"
New button "Setup" added, directly to right of IP combobox
Both options above take you to the screen where device
data is entered: ip address, description, cache settings,etc
aftv-unlock detection. Warns if program isn't installed.
Linux x-terminal-emulator changed to gnome-terminal.
Backup Fire TV, Restore to Fire TV Stick added to Video Help
adbLink 1.16 changelog
Multiple device database added. Manage up to 10
Fire TV devices, each with it's own individual
settings (Kodi cache, pull directory, description,etc)
Mount CIFS/NFS shares ad hoc or at boot.
USB Mode for the Fire TV Stick. Manage Kodi
via USB.
Windows console now has adb automatically added
to the system path. Linux/OS X users have a command
to accomplish the same.
Video Help menu added. This links to YouTube
videos showing various adbLink functions in action.
Using USB Mode
Installing WinUSB Drivers
Using Multiple Devices with adbLink
Mounting CIFS/NFS Shares with adbLink
Installing adbLink and Kodi
Kodi cache settings added. Choose any cache values
for Kodi you need, not limited to a few presets.
Menu function "Install System Tools" replaces
former function "Install Busybox". This encompasses
the installation of Busybox, Samba and system and
init scripts required by adbLink.
Linux bug for console fixed
Ikono TV icons changed
Link to Kodi download added
Bug in packagename path fixed
Various help files added
Minor bugs fixed as found.
adbLink 1.15 changelog
Kodi is now chosen by default.
Console option for adb command-line
Various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.14 changelog
Help system completely rebuilt.
Opens with alphabetized menu of
links to individual topics.
Rbox's CWM Recovery updated to
Rbox's Bootloader lock/unlock added.
Full Kodi support added.
Swap /data to external drive added.
This feature allows you to use any
USB flash storage device as the
FireTV's /data partition, giving
you unlimited space for games,apps
etc. This drive mounts by UUID. It
does not depend on a fixed device
location (/dev/block/sda1, etc).
External drive mounting via UUID added.
When you are mounting multiple drives
there is no guarantee that the original
device name (/dev/block/sda1, etc) will
remain the same. Mounting by UUID insures
that your drives mount in the same place
every time.
Progress bar updater fine-tuned.
Various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.12 changelog
Bug in XBMC file delete routine fixed
CWM Recovery updated to
Log file viewer added
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.11 changelog
All XBMC options are now non-root.
SSH helper apps updated.
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.10 changelog
All XBMC options are now non-root.
SSH completely updated to new build
SFTP added
SSH and SFTP buttons added. PuTTY SSH & SFTP
now included for Windows users.
Help updated for SSH
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.09 changelog
Llama dialog options fixed to work with non-root users.
Clockwork Mod Recovery updated to
Scripting at boot changed to init.d system.
SSH server option added.
Windows adb shell keyboard bug fixed.
Menu structure changed: Files menu contains 'universal'
functions, Root menu contains root-only functions.
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.08 changelog
Llama options changed to require ikonoTV rather than Classic TV
due to geographic restrictions. Classic TV is only available in the US.
adbLink check for Amazon Updates now operates in realtime,
rather than depending on a database field.
adbLink check for USB drive persistence now operates in realtime,
rather than depending on a database field.
Database fields for USB drive persistence and Amazon Updates removed.
Linux bug installed apks not displayed in uninstall dialog fixed.
Firmware installaton recovery directory not found bug fixed.
Support for CWM recovery installation re-coded. Images:
are now included with adbLink 1.08 with permission from rbox.
Help re-written for firmware and recovery installation.
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
adbLink 1.07 changelog
Qt framework updated to 5.3.2
Linux bug for file selection on usb devices fixed.
Support for CWM recovery installation added.
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
Help expanded.
adbLink 1.06 changelog
The Windows adbLink folder can now be installed
wherever you wish. It has been tested under Windows 7
and XP. Shortcuts to adbLink.exe work as expected.
The adbLink folder is where all files needed by adbLink.exe
kept. This folder holds adb.exe, scripts and various other files,
in addition to the adbLink.exe program.
Samba networking has been added. Click "Mount" and after your
usb storage mounts, it's exported via samba. Your /sdcard folder
is exported as well. The server name is adblink and the exports
are /usb and /sdcard. Samba is persistent between boots if you
check mounting to be persistent.
In testing the adblink server and exported folders /sdcard and /usb
are visible to Windows XP and 7, OS X Mavericks and Linux Mint. Drag
and drop and other file management work as expected between the FireTV
and clients on the network.
Credits and links provided for all helper programs.
various minor bugs fixed, forms adjusted, etc.
Help expanded.
adbLink 1.05 changelog
Both the Windows version and the OS X version can now be installed
wherever you wish.
The Windows version of adbLink ships with a folder, named
adbfiles. You can install the adbLink.exe program wherever
you wish, as long as the adbfiles folder is installed there also.
The adbfiles folder is where all files needed by adbLink.exe
kept. This folder holds adb.exe, scripts and various other files.
The OS X version of adbLink, is usually installed to
the /Application folder on your Mac. However you can move it
wherever you like. The Mac version of adbLink also has an adbfiles
folder, but it's inside the bundle.
adbLink now includes Llama, with permission from the developer at Llama allows us to:
1. Boot AFTV directly to XBMC
2. Connect XBMC to the Classic TV app. This allows starting XBMC from
AFTV's upper level menus.
3. Both of the above.
The option to change the Classic TV icon to an XBMC or Kodi icon is
included. This can also be reversed, restoring the Default Classic TV icon.
The Preferences dialog has changed. If you open the
preferences dialog then exit without changes, the
"updates disabled/enabled" pop-up dialog is suppressed.
adbLink can now check for updates when it starts, and open
the adbLink page to download the new version if desired.
This option is on by default, but can be turned off in
Preferences also has a "Check for updates" button.
A dedicated button to change the XBMC splash screen has been added.
This was previously possible using the "adb push" button, selecting the
destination folder "media", but there have been requests for a
dedicated button. Elmerhuso's XBMC splash screen and a Kodi splash
screen are included, and of course you can add your own. Drop them
into the "splash" folder.
Clickable URL links are now included. Links include adbLink's home
page,, the XBMC wiki, and links to the forum
topics where adbLink is supported, xda and xbmc.
version number changed to constant.
Help expanded.
adbLink 1.04 changelog
Extensive log file now produced after each run.
Function duration times recorded.
XBMC restore bug fixed (restore prevented when XBMC running).
Code calling external processes refactored for greater efficiency.
Busybox install bug fixed (post-install file cleanup).
Busybox uninstall bug fixed (post-uninstall file cleanup).
USB unmounting tuned for multiple drives.
adbLink 1.03 changelog
USB drives/sticks now mount at /storage/usb/sd*
Firmware install searches all /storage/usb/sd* for .bin and .zip files.
USB Firmware install, Pull and Delete dialogs now utilize a file browser.
Help system updated to reflect changes.
adbLink 1.02 changelog
addition of ntfs-3g for mounting ntfs media
addition of mount.exfat-fuse for mounting exfat media
addition of mounting for ext2,ext3,ext4 media
mount now addresses all connected USB media, not just /dev/block/sda
edit of help file to reflect mount changes
screen shots saved to unique filenameadbLink 1.01 changelog
adbLink 1.01 changelog
AFTV Firmware upgrade/downgrade
USB /dev/block/sda1 drive/stick mounting with
optional persistence
Form redesign to support new features
Screen shots are now saved to pull folder
Help file update for new features
bug cleanup in win32 file deletion routines
adbLink V1.0 changelog
Fix for OS X Fire TV root
Application home directory change: “adbLink”
Addition of preferences dialog
Addition of support for XBMC forks (BeyondXBMC, XBMCLauncher, etc)
Pulled files folder preference
Addition of /sdcard/ to list of push/pull folders
Addition of file deletion
Towelroot and SuperSU updated
Database error checks
Reboot Device
Reboot Recovery
Fire TV updates off/on
Mount /system partition rw/ro
Take screen shots
Install/Uninstall Busybox
Help file additions