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A simple and easy to use HTTP and HTTPS Java library


This repository is licensed under the MIT license. Please refer to the LICENSE file for more information.


You can find the latest release and older releases here.


Downloading a binary file

Downloading a binary file only takes a few lines of code.

Connection con = new HttpConnection("example.com");

byte[] fileContent = con.get("path/to/image.png");

FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream("image.png");

Sending a form via a POST request

Note that the get method also allows you to set fields.

Connection con = new HttpConnection("example.com");

Map<String,String> fields = new HashMap<String,String>();
fields.put("name", "John Doe");
fields.put("age", "42");
fields.put("email", "j.doe@example.com");

byte[] response = con.post("register.php", fields);

if (con.getStatus().contains("200")) {
} else {
	System.out.println("Response status: " + con.getStatus());

Convert the response byte array to a string

You can easily convert the response array to a String or other object. Note: JSONObject is not part of this small library and is only present to display the potential use of this code.

// ...
byte[] response = con.get("");
String responseText = new String(response);
JSONObject jsonData = new JSONObject(responseText);
// etc.

HTTPS requests

If you want to use HTTPS instead of plaintext HTTP, just use a different Connection object:

Connection con = new HttpsConnection("example.com");
// ...

Uploading files and form fields via HTTPS

Here's how you can upload two files using a POST multipart request over HTTPS. Besides two files, it also uploads two form fields first_name and last_name:

InputFile screenshotFile = new InputFile("screenshot.png", 
InputFile documentFile = new InputFile("document.docx", 

Connection con = new HttpsConnection("example.com");

Map<String, String> fields = new HashMap<String, String>();
fields.put("first_name", "Jane");
fields.put("last_name", "Doe");

Map<String, InputFile> files = new HashMap<String, InputFile>();
files.put("screenshot", screenshotFile);
files.put("document", documentFile);

byte[] response = con.post("upload.php", fields, files);

System.out.println(con.getStatus());		// HTTP/1.1 200 OK
System.out.println(new String(response))	// Thanks for uploading your files!


Please let me know by creating an issue or by contacting me via my personal website. Thanks!

If you can fix it yourself, please try to stick to the original coding style and motivate your changes in the pull request.