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@Jocker666z Jocker666z released this Jan 14, 2019 · 61 commits to master since this release

Release notes:

  • video:
  • audio:
  • functions:
    • CustomVideoEncod(), rework of x265 codec option, now fully work, add options for tuning and profile
    • FFmpeg_audio_cmd(), now use gnu parallel is possible (if installed) (encoding speed increase is around 2)
    • FFmpeg_spectrum_cmd(), now use gnu parallel is possible (if installed)
    • SourceInfo():
      • now clean
      • replace ffmpeg command by ffprobe
    • Restart(), add tricky function for self restart script and keep argument
    • TrapExit (), add another tricky function for clean temp when press ctrl+c
  • profiles:
    • Now Profile 3 is x265 encoding (experimental)
  • various :
    • Now all temp files have unique id (date), fix an error when launch multiple instance of ffmes
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