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##Polyglot Polyglot is a very simple string replacement i18n library I built for a personal project and thought was self contained enough to warrant it's own repo. It's very simple to use, and does what it does very quickly indeed.

However, it is not a full i18n solution, it does not do any kind of: date; currency; time or any other i18n functions you might expect. It does one thing and does it well. It may do those things in the future however.

####Config Configuration of Polyglot is set in the Polyglot.CONFIG constant. By default, a statically defined dictionary is loaded at page on page load (as seen in the example).

However, if you would like to control the loading of the dictionary you can set Polyglot.CONFIG.autoLoadDictionary to false. You must then invoke Polyglot.init() to load the dictionary.

Some people would like to have even more control over which dictionary is loaded when, for instance loading 'dictionary_homepage.json' on one page and 'dictionary_pricing.json' on another. This can acheived by explicitly passing an absolute local path to the Polyglot.init() method. For instance Polyglot.init('/i18n/dictionary_pricing.json') will override whatever is set in Polyglot.CONFIG.dictionaryUrl for that page.

####Translating strings Once a dictionary has been loaded, you get a translation using the following Polyglot public method: Polyglot.translate('i18n_key', 'iso_language_code'). Doing so will return a string (providing one exists) in the language specified.

The second language argument is optional, as if not specified the window.navigator.language value is used. More here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/DOM/window.navigator.language

If a language is requested which does not exist in the dictionary the string corresponding to the key in the Polygloy.CONFIG.defaultLang is returned.

####Dictionary setup Please see /app/data/i18n.json got a simple example.

###Examples The app/ directory contains several examples. This simple project is built using the Yeoman toolchain, so getting the example up and running is a matter of installing Yeoman and the running the yeoman server command.

###Tests Testing is done in Mocha and the specs are contained within the root tests/ directory. Running them is as simple as running the yeoman test command.