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Rendera is an open-source painting package, with an emphasis on photo restoration, but also works well for other artistic requirements.

-Clone with any paint tool or blending mode, with mirror and edge-wrapping options.
-Interactive offset always at hand for seamless texture work.
-Basic crop tool.
-Photographic filters for restoration projects.
-Text tool.
-Crude flood fill tool.

Paint Modes:
-Solid: hard-edge brushstrokes.
-Coarse Airbrush: soft edge, fast algorithm, good for cloning.
-Fine Airbrush: soft edge, slow algorithm, better for artwork.
-Gaussian Blur: applies a blur filter to the brushstroke.
-Watercolor: tries to simulate watercolor.
-Chalk: tries to simulate chalk.

Blending modes:
-Normal: regular RGB blending.
-Darken: subtractive blending, mixes like ink or paint.
-Lighten: additive blending, for light sources etc.
-Colorize: remembers the gray value so you can re-color an image any number of times with no degradation.
-Alpha Add: paint on the alpha channel.
-Alpha Subtract: erase from from the alpha channel.
-Smooth: smooth all channels, including alpha.
-Smooth (Color Only): smooth but preserve gray value, for smoothing edges in your colorized images.
-Sharpen: selectively sharpen an image.
-Palette Colors: use nearest palette color.

-Normalize: stretches RGB to minimum and maximum values.
-Equalize: does the above but with equal spacing.
-Value Stretch: equalize, but preserve overall color-cast of image.
-Saturate: equalize saturation (sometimes helps restore color).
-Rotate Hue: for making fine adjustments to hue, can preserve the gray value also.
-Invert: invert RGB channels.
-Invert Alpha: invert the alpha channel.
-Auto Correct: tries to automatically fix color/contrast problems.
-Correction Matrix: corrects uneven dye fading in old faded photographs.
-Restore: Geoff Daniell's awesome automatic color restoration filter for old photographs.
-Remove Dust: for scanned images, play with values until you remove the dust without blurring the image.
-Desaturate: remove color information.
-Colorize: for making monochromatic images (sepia tones, etc).
-Stained Glass: tries to simulate a stained glass window.
-Gaussian Blur: the ubiquitous blur algorithm.
-Sharpen: sharpens the image (affects luminance information only to prevent color banding).
-Unsharp Mask: more flexible sharpening algorithm.
-Convolution Matrix: selection of generic matrix filters.
-Artistic: tries to simulate some sort of painting.
-Forward FFT: convert to complex representation.
-Inverse FFT: get picture back from complex representation.

File Support:
-PNG: full loading support, saving supports 8/24/32 bits.
-Targa: 24/32 bit load, 32-bit save.
-Windows Bitmap: 24-bit load/save only.
-JPEG: 8/24 bit load, 24-bit save.
-GIMP Palette support.

Keyboard Controls:
-Shift+Click: set clone target (will show crosshair when cloning is enabled).
-Cursor Keys: move around image.
-Escape: cancels current operation if it's taking too long.

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