A website based clue solver for old school runescape, see it live at http://www.rsclues.com
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A website based clue solver for old school runescape, see it live at http://www.rsclues.com

Why is this on git now?

Due to time constraints, I'm struggling to find time to develop this project into what I wanted it to be, so If I'm to open it up to the public hopefully they can help contribute to the website! Even if no one contributes, atleast I have bug tracking and I can share with my code with anyone who wants to develop stuff for old school runescape.

Why would I help you?

Perhaps you've just started development and want a real world project to practice on? Perhaps you like using rsclues.com but get sick of the time it takes me to udpate it everytime there is a slight update to clues.

I don't take any money/adrevenue from this site so there is nothing for me to gain on this.

How was this site built?

This site is built upon a base framework of Codeigniter (Which is an MVC based php framework), it's a useful framework to learn if you haven't already and is a very solid introduction to the MVC concept in web development. Even if you just know raw php, you can usually figure our the jist of the functionality with a bit of googling.

Can I have the database too?

Yep, of course, there is an .sql file in the root of this project, which should create the correct database and tables as well as populate them the set of releveant data (Although you made need to run an update from /welcome/update to update your clues.

Can I just use your code for my own project?

Absolutely! If you think any of the data scraped by me, or any of the code in this project may help you develop your own site, I'd encourage it and I'd love to see what you make.

Planned Features

  1. Re-add solutions to challanges (sorry)
  2. Add more info to clues in terms of requirements