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from fabric.api import run, env, cd, sudo, get
KEY_FILENAME = '/home/james/.ssh/openstates_master.pem'
def staging():
env.hosts = ['']
env.key_filename = KEY_FILENAME
def production():
env.hosts = ['']
env.key_filename = KEY_FILENAME
def update():
sudo('cd ~openstates/src/openstates && git pull', user='openstates')
sudo('cd ~openstates/src/billy && git pull', user='openstates')
def restart_uwsgi():
sudo('restart uwsgi')
def restart_nginx():
sudo('/etc/init.d/nginx restart')
def _venv(cmd):
sudo('source ~openstates/site-venv/bin/activate && ' + cmd)
def get_leg_ids_csv(state):
with cd('~openstates/src/openstates/'):
_venv('billy-dump-missing-leg-ids ' +
get('/ext/openstates/src/openstates/%s_missing_leg_ids.csv' % state,
'%s_missing_leg_ids.csv' % state)
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