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Deleware Progress

Progress: finished
Data scraped:
  * term
  * chamber
  * district_name
  * full_name

Note: Legislator party affiliation could be obtained by scraping the linked legislator bio pages.
Progress: finished
Data scraped:
  * chamber
  * membernames
  * roles
Progress: some

Data scraped:
  * chamber
  * session
  * bill_id
  * title
  * primary sponsor
  * actions
  * co-sponsors*
  * additional sponsors*
  * votes*

Implementation plan: Have to scrape multiple bill lists to get URLs for actual bills, then 
crawl those URLs to scrape bill details. Co-sponsors and additional sponsors do not appear to be 
formatted consistently, so not including them with bill until a solid scraping strategy can be 

Vote data for each bill is being partially scraped. Action type, vote type and motion are not currently 
being determined. The bill's name is being used in place of the motion name.
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