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import PyRSS2Gen
import types
def _seq_to_string(l):
Take an argument which may be a string or may be sequence.
if it's a string, return it unchanged; otherwise, return a string which has
one space between each element as typical for GeoRSS formatting.
Nothing is done to ensure that the string is formatted correctly,
nor that the values of the sequence are correctly formatted. You're on
your own for that.
if type(l) in types.StringTypes:
return l
return " ".join(l)
class GeoRSSFeed(PyRSS2Gen.RSS2):
"""Add the 'georss' namespace to the generated feed."""
def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs):
PyRSS2Gen.RSS2.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.rss_attrs['xmlns:georss'] = ''
class GeoRSSItem(PyRSS2Gen.RSSItem):
Add the following properties to an RSSItem, with support for rendering them
in the "simple" representation.
* point (sequence)
* line (sequence)
* polygon (sequence)
* box (sequence)
* featuretypetag
* relationshiptag
* featurename
* elev
* floor
* radius
Each of these may be a string. The types labeled "sequence" may also be a
sequence, in which case they will be joined with whitespace separators according
to the GeoRSS standards.
See for more information.
properties = [
point = None
line = None
polygon = None
box = None
featuretypetag = None
relationshiptag = None
featurename = None
elev = None
floor = None
radius = None
def publish_extensions(self, handler):
for p in
value = getattr(self,p)
if value is not None:
PyRSS2Gen._element(handler,"georss:%s" % p, _seq_to_string(value))
def __init__(self,**kwargs):
geokwargs = {}
for p in
if kwargs.has_key(p):
geokwargs[p] = kwargs.pop(p)
PyRSS2Gen.RSSItem.__init__(self, **kwargs)
for key in geokwargs: