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A web application that aims to connect citizens and elected officials and provide a review system for each official.
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Release 1.0 Docs
Sprint files

ripple app

Client currently runs on locahost:3000, proxy 3001

Server currently runs on localhost:3001

Attempting to deploy to Heroku

Running Instructions:

Run "npm install" in ripple folder and my-app folder if package.json files have been changed

Type "npm start" in terminal to run server and my-app concurrently

First Time Users:

Make sure XAMPP or different PHP development environment is installed on computer and run MYSQL server

First time running the app type the following query into the mysql terminal: mysql --user=root create database rippledb;

Coding Styles:

Airbnb React/JSX Style Guide:

Wordpress CSS:

Known Bugs:

  • feed layout last bill still has divider line underneath

  • officials map keeps moving despite not changing css

  • css components move around depending on browser size

  • can't enter null value in search bar

  • no anchor point for the bill feed page after clicking Details link

  • no back page functionality

  • some members photos are squished and/or distorted

  • search bar disappears after performing a search (since it renders a new page)

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