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CSS 3D Presentation Framework
Intended for personal/limited use -- there are no current plans for support or feature additions at this time.
Tested in latest Chrome and Safari only.
Important Note:
Due to a webkit bug, matrix rotation of a cube construct sometimes causes loss of
interactivity with portions of each "face" of the cube (but strangely, not the entirety of a face).
To get around this in the short term, I simply clone the contents of each face and apply them to a
"screen" element that sits in front of the cube-set.
Many limitations of the presentation framework are a result of this hacky fix, so if anyone figures
out how to prevent the loss of interactivity, be sure to do a pull request.
The arrow links on each face can be used to navigate a slideshow. Keyboard controls are preferred, and
can be used as follows:
Space: advance to next face (or next cube if on the last face of current cube)
Delete: return to previous face (or previous cube if on first face of current cube)
Arrow keys: rotate forward, backward, left, and right
Home/End: rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise
Page Up/Page Down: next/previous cube
Number keys (1-6): rotate to numbered face of current cube