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Stardew Valley mod that adds a Home Computer and Bots to the game


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This project is a Stardew Valley mod that adds the "Farmtronics Home Computer", as well as programmable Farmtronics Bots.

The Home Computer is a computer that connects to the TV in your cabin. Despite its early-80s appearance, it actually runs a very modern and elegant language, MiniScript. (See Why MiniScript, if you're curious.)

Screen shot of the Farmtronics Home Computer

Bots each carry the same computer, but also have the ability to move around in the world and get things done. All you have to do is program them!

How to Play

  1. Download the mod zip file from the Releases page (or from NexusMods), and install it in the usual way.
  2. To use the Farmtronics Home Computer:
  • Activate the TV in your house.
  • Select the bottom-most option, Farmtronics Home Computer.
  • Type code at the prompt. See for documentation on the language (and in particular, be sure to keep the Quick Reference handy).
  • Also be sure to try the help command, and read through the various topics there.
  1. Press Esc to exit.
  2. To obtain and use a bot:
  • On the Home Computer, use the toDo command to see the tasks you still need to complete. Complete them.
  • Check your mail the next day (after completing all tasks). You should have a letter with a Bot included. (Once you have read this letter, you can purchase additional bots at Pierre's shop.)
  • Place the bot down in any empty spot on the map.
  • Right-click a bot to access its computer console.
  • Type code at the prompt. This is the same code as on the Home Computer, but allows for some additional commands, like me.position, me.left, me.right, me.forward, me.inventory, me.currentToolIndex (which can be assigned to), and me.useTool.

See the Wiki for more documentation and sample code.

Questions? Issues? Things to share?

Best place to discuss this mod is on the MiniScript Discord. There is a #farmtronics channel there.

Road Map

See for our development plan, including what features are expected in which future versions of the mod.