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// Annelids main program.
// Import the spriteControllers module, and copy all of its identifiers
// into the global space for easy access.
import "spriteControllers"
for kv in spriteControllers
if kv.key[0] == "_" then continue
globals[kv.key] = @kv.value
end for
// Import a bunch of other modules.
import "Updateables"
import "DisplayUtils"
import "listUtil"
import "stringUtil"
import "MenuUtils"
import "Projectiles"
import "Reticles"
import "Worms"
import "Spells"
import "CastingUI"
import "StatusUI"
import "AI"
// Prepare a menu, but don't show it yet
// (Note: we're not actually using the radial menu at the moment.
// I thought we would, but we ended up doing everything via the
// casting UI instead.)
menu = MenuUtils.MenuDisplay.make(480, 320)
// desc: return a brief description of the given worm, or "null" if
// given a null reference. This is used for debugging.
// Parameters:
// wormOrNull: a Worm reference (may be null)
// Returns: worm description, or "null"
desc = function(wormOrNull)
if wormOrNull == null then return "null"
return wormOrNull.desc
end function
// select: select the given worm, deselecting the previously-selected
// worm (if any).
// Parameters:
// worm: worm to select (may be null)
// Returns: null
select = function(worm)
if selected then selected.deselect
if worm != null then
globals.selected = worm
end function
// endTurn: end the current player's turn, and start the turn for the
// next player.
// Parameters: (none)
// Returns: null
endTurn = function()
globals.curTeam = Worms.teams[1 - Worms.teams.indexOf(curTeam)]
curTeam.actionPoints = curTeam.actionPoints + 4
if curTeam == then
reticle.controlPos = AI.aiMouse
reticle.controlPos = mouse
end if
select null
end function
// handleClick: deal with a mouse click by passing it off to each of
// our potential handlers in turn.
// Parameters: (none)
// Returns: null
handleClick = function()
text.column = 0
if StatusUI.handleClick then return
if CastingUI.isShown and CastingUI.handleClick then return
if selected then
if selected.handleClick then return
end if
// Now we're going to check for worms... but only if we're not
// out of AP; and only allow selection of current team worms.
if curTeam.actionPoints < 1 then return
p = DisplayUtils.screenToWorld(mouse)
for worm in curTeam.worms
if worm.contains(p) then
select worm
end if
end for
select null
end function
// Start-of-game setup
// Create the worms in their starting configurations.
allWorms = [] // global reference to all Worm instances
selected = null
for i in range(0,3)
worm = new Worm
worm.init 2600+720 - 50*i, 288, Worms.teams[0]
worm.scale = Animated.flippedScale
allWorms.push worm
end for
for i in range(0,3)
worm = new Worm
worm.init 2600+120 + 50*i, 370, Worms.teams[1]
worm.scale = Animated.normalScale
allWorms.push worm
end for
curTeam = Worms.teams[Worms.teams.len-1]
endTurn // (makes sure everything is set up for team 0)
// Hook up the AI to the desired team = Worms.teams[1]
// Main loop (repeats forever until Escape key is pressed)
lastTime = time
lastMouseButton = mouse.button
while not key.pressed("escape")
dt = time - lastTime
lastTime = time
if dt > 0.02 then dt = 0.02 // step limit, prevents wonkiness on slow systems
Updateables.update dt
menu.update dt
CastingUI.update dt
AI.update dt
if mouse.button and not lastMouseButton then handleClick
lastMouseButton = mouse.button
end while
// Clean-up and exit
text.row = 20
text.column = 0
text.color =
text.delimiter = char(13)
_printMark "Enter `run` to run again, or `update` to continue for just one step."
update = @Updateables.update
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