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Exopite - High Performance Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

This theme is a work in progress, active develpoment. I tested many times, but may containts some error. Please send me an email if you find any issue (and maybe the solution as well ;) ) I will fix any issues as soon as I can. But because I'm working on this one alone, may take some time. READ DISCLAMER.TXT!


Exopite is a advanced multi-purpose WordPress theme with clean and elegant design to create an awesome user-experience. Full Responsive and SEO friendly. It can be to used for any type of website on any type of device. No coding required, easy to use. Can be used with any (recommended: SiteOrigin) page builder plugin. It has been designed to suit beginners as well as developers. Premium-grade theme for free!

Theme URL and Live Demo


Multipurpose WordPress Theme

  • Responsive, looking awesome on any devices (based on Bootstrap 4 flex grid system)
  • Optimized for speed with low memory and cpu consumption
  • Can be use for any websites, like: shops, blog, personal or company site, etc...


  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Thumbnail Sizes
  • Unlimited Footer Widget Areas
  • Widget areas everywhere: side left or right, preheader, pre menu, after nav, footer, copyright
  • Unlimited sidebars, you even can create and assign different sidebar for each page!
    • You are able to create unlimited number of sidebars from our framework. Sidebars assign to any number of widgets to each sidebar.

Tons of customizations

  • Layout: wide, boxed
  • Hundreds of fonts with Google fonts
  • Font Awesome fonts also included
  • Multiple image hover effects
  • shortcodes: include any file also PHP, display any widget or complet sidebar, shortcode menu, social menu, woocommerce-cart
  • Hooks for further customization, JavaScript hook system, full support for Theme Hook Alliance and more!
  • Translation ready with included .pot file. You can use Exopite with any language or with WMPL, multiple languages.

Better SEO out of the box

  • GZip compression
  • No index archive and search pages
  • Enable or disable noindex, nofollow on page/post option
  • Set site description on page/post option
  • Add canonial url
  • Use of directives
  • Auto-generate meta tags (with Yoast SEO not installed)
  • CDN for even more speed (bootstrap)
  • Possobolity to load Google Fonts async
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Use only the nessesearly Javascript and CSS files and automatically combined and minified them for better performance.
    Based on the activated elements ad activated plugins. (This may take a few second on save options)


  • Backup and Restore
  • Automatic updates, can be updated with a single click
  • Better security out of the box
    • Quick security check
    • Limit login attempts, threshold and duration customizable
    • Hide login error details
    • Disable the plugin and theme file editors
    • Stop user enumeration
    • Disable xmlrpc
    • Prevent malicious URL requests
    • Check comment referer


  • Multiple Header options, you can choose from five different header design,
  • Navigation: logo top, logo left, right, middle, floating, fixed
  • Floating and fixed header,
  • Customize colors and spaces
  • Hero header with image or video (self hosted, youtube or google), normal, fixed and parallax,
  • Preheader, above and below menu widget areas, and
  • if logo on the top, use have left and right side widget area in the menu row
  • Header: top, left.
  • You can assign a page (via section post type) to the preheader area. With hooks, you can use a section on any preheader, even every page can have a different preheader.


  • Fixed or static footer
  • Unlimited widget areas for the sidebar,
  • and if it is not enough, you can assign a page (via section post type) to display content in the footer! With hooks, you can use a section on any footer, even every page can have a different footer.

Admin area

  • Amazing admin panel by CodeStar
  • Better admin area with post thumbnails, duplicate posts and pages
  • Display shortcode list


  • Post navigation. Also in same term and/or infinite
  • Releated posts by categories or tags, 1-4 columns
  • Unlimited thumbnail sizes
  • Take a full control over your archive pages! Assign any page to archives,
  • and use the blog shortcode [exopite-loop]. You can use this shortcode anywhere!
  • Sticky post by category
  • Advanced blog options image top, image left/right, image zigzag, no image full, exceprt or no content single column, multi -up to 4- column masonry, column mode, normal, normal width same height first post displayed as full width
  • Page & Post Meta Options:
    • Exopite has a lots of page/post meta options to easily customize each induviduell page or post like page layout: left sidebar, right sidebar, no sidebar ro others like header, footer, sidebar, menu, title, meta, breadcumbs can be turn on or off


  • Display cart in menu
  • Display/hide categories on products in shop
  • Add/remove "add to cart" button from grid
  • Add/remove product image
  • Add/remove ratings
  • 1-4 Product per row in shop
  • 1-24 Product per page in shop
  • 1-4 Releated columns
  • 1-4 Related products per page
  • Choose a shop and product sidebar (any sidebar)
  • Change shop title

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant

  • Option to donwload Google Fonts locally
  • Option to use Bootstrap and FontAwesome locally without CDN
  • Recommended plugins for GDPR and SEO purposes
  • IMPORTANT! Backend will load FontAwesom from CDN. Read Privacy Policy:


Description Shortcode
Insert an image with hover effect [exopite-image-effect]
Display file [exopite-display-file]
Display loop [exopite-loop]
Display page content by slug [exopite-display-page-content slug="slug"]
Display sidebar [exopite-display-sidebar]
Display any widget [exopite-display-widget]
Include any PHP file [exopite-include]
Shortcode menu [exopite-shortcode-menu]
Social menu [exopite-social-menu]
Display WooCommerce cart [exopite-woocommerce-cart]
Display Exopite or Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs if activated [exopite-breadcrumbs]
Display releated posts [exopite-releated-posts]
Display author meta [exopite-author-meta]


Take andvantage of Exopite plugins

  • 🔜 paging, AJAX load more or infinite navigation
  • 🔜 load more and infinite navigation with url and page numbers
  • 🔜 Portfolio
  • Multifilter
  • Lightbox35
  • 🔜 Inifnite Loading

Credits and Many tanks for

  • to YOU to use my theme
  • CodeStar for CodeStar Framework
  • Tom McFarlin for Category Sticky Post
  • Thomas Griffin, Gary Jones, Juliette Reinders Folmer for TGM-Plugin-Activation
  • for Duplicate Posts and Pages
  • Austin Matzko for GZIP Output
  • Theme Hook Alliance
  • Janis Elsts for Theme/Plugin Update Checker Library
  • Morron-by-nature for PHP-CODE_javascript-minify-compression
  • carldanley for WP-JS-Hooks
  • 93digital for Widget Clone
  • _s for starter theme
  • Pixabay for images
  • WPML Team
  • GitHub/Stack Overflow/WordPress/PHP/CSS/jQuery/HTML/Bootstrap/etc...


  1. Download theme

Extra steps for GitHub:

  • Click on Clone or Download
  • Download ZIP
  • Right click on the downloaded zip file and select Extract All...
  • Copy the exopite folder form inside Exopite-Multi-Purpose-WordPress-Theme-master folder to somewhere
  • Right click on the copied exopite folder and Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder
  1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
  2. Click Upload and Choose File, then select the file. Click Install Now.
  3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.


  • WordPress at least: 4.5.3
  • Tested up to: 4.5.3 - 5.4
  • Stable tag: 20170613
  • PHP: 7
  • Modern browser (IE10+, Edge, FF28+, Chrome 39+, safari 9+, Opera 17+)
    Exopite theme uses flex, may not working 100% on IE9 or before.


forthebadge forthebadge


Exopite - Advanced multi-purpose WordPress theme, responsive and SEO friendly with enhanced security. It has been designed to suit beginners as well as developers.







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