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Lightweight, easy to use Option Framework for WordPress Plugins and Themes and a Metabox Framework for post type meta boxes.

Fast, easy and lightweight option/metabox form generator.


WHY? I need someting fast, easy and lightweight to generate option page and/or metabox for my plugins, themes and/or post types.

I also love to create/code to have fun and leary every day someting new.

This framework not designed to work on mobiles. It is however working except sorting ( and chosen dropdown (only design, the dropdown still working). I do not think that plugin or theme will be managed on mobile devices, tons of settings create a very loooong page in mobile, which - in my opinion - already make unuseable in mobile devices.

For my theme I used to use CodeStar Framework, so I created similarly. Unfortunately CodeStar Framework based on static class, can not initialize multiple times and this is required for plugns.
(Ps. the new CodeStar (2.x) can be used multiple times, but only Options Frameworks are free.)


  • Easy field generator for plugin options for metabox for any post type.
  • All field support callback on default value, content callback for content and notice field.
  • Dependency handling, also for section tabs (only in tabbed=true).
  • No ads, and never will.
  • Files are loaded only when required.
  • Minimum footprint.
  • Multilang support for WPML, Polylang, WP Multilang and qTranslate-X.
  • Availability to save post meta as simple (each setting has it's own custom field) instead of an array.


  • accordion
  • ACE editor
  • attached (Attached files/images/etc..., multiselect, AJAX delete. Metabox only.)
  • backup
  • button
  • button_bar
  • card
  • checkbox
  • color (rgb/rgba/html5)
  • color_wp (rgb/rgba, WordPress Iris Color Picker, not working with clone)
  • content
  • date (datepicker/html5)
  • editor (Trumbowyg or WYSIWYG WordPress Editor)
  • fieldset
  • gallery
  • group (Dynamically add groups. Repeatable, nestable and sortable (on/off).)
  • hidden
  • image
  • image_select
  • meta
  • notice
  • number
  • password
  • radio
  • range
  • select (single/multiselect + posttype)
  • switcher
  • tab (nestable)
  • tap_list
  • text
  • textarea
  • typography
  • upload (multiple, on post type -post, page, custom- you can attach uploaded to post)
  • video (mp4/oembed, eg.: youtube, embed handled by WordPress embed, for complete list, see:


No ads, Files are loaded only when required. Minimum footprint.


Easy to integrate with any plugin, post type or WordPress theme.

Open Source

Exopite Simple Options is free and available on Github. Feel free to submit patches or add more features.


  • As 2018-09-11 we have a new hooks name to meet WordPress standards.
  • After multilanguage compatibility the options array did changed.
    from unique[field-id] to unique[current_lang][field-id] where:
    if multilang plugin installed, then the selected language, otherwise WordPress installed language.
    You can disable this with 'multilang' => false option.


The Framework still in development stage.
Documentation is still in-progress.

The Framework based on some CodeStar Framework, code and design. The fields configs desgin also based on CodeStar Framework.

Why did we add options to save meta as "simple"

Simple options is stored az induvidual meta key, value pair, otherwise it is stored in an array.

I implemented this option because it is possible to search in serialized (array) post meta:

but there is no way to sort them with wp_query or SQL.

"Not in any reliable way. You can certainly ORDER BY that value but the sorting will use the whole serialized string, which will give * you technically accurate results but not the results you want. You can't extract part of the string for sorting within the query itself. Even if you wrote raw SQL, which would give you access to database functions like SUBSTRING, I can't think of a dependable way to do it. You'd need a MySQL function that would unserialize the value-- you'd have to write it yourself.
Basically, if you need to sort on a meta_value you can't store it serialized. Sorry."

It is possible to get all required posts and store them in an array and then sort them as an array, but what if you want multiple keys/value pair to be sorted?

it is maybe possible:
but it is waaay more complicated and less documented as meta query sort and search. It should be not an excuse to use it, but it is not as reliable as it should be.

"...meta info serialized is not a good idea. But you really are going to lose the ability to query your data in any efficient manner when serializing entries into the WP database.

The overall performance saving and gain you think you are achieving by serialization is not going to be noticeable to any major extent. You might obtain a slightly smaller database size but the cost of SQL transactions is going to be heavy if you ever query those fields and try to compare them in any useful, meaningful manner.

Instead, save serialization for data that you do not intend to query in that nature, but instead would only access in a passive fashion by the direct WP API call get_post_meta() - from that function you can unpack a serialized entry to access its array properties too."



  • WordPress 4.9+ (May work with earlier versions too)
  • PHP 5.6+ (Required)
  • jQuery 1.9.1+


  • Modern Browsers
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Tested on Firefox, Chrome, Edge
  • IE is not supported anymore
  • jQuery Chosen and HTML5Sortable not working on mobile devices.


  • Copy to plugin/theme folder.
  • Indluce exopite-simple-options/exopite-simple-options-framework-class.php
  • Create options and fields and hook to 'admin_menu'.
add_action( 'admin_menu', 'create_menu', 0 );

Complete example with all available fields:


You could download, install and activate plugin, then you will see all the options and how to use them.

Crete a menu or meta
 * Create a submenu page under Plugins.
 * Framework also add "Settings" to your plugin in plugins list.
 * @link
$config_submenu = array(
    'type'              => 'menu',                          // Required, menu or metabox
    'id'                => $this->plugin_name,              // Required, meta box id,
                                                            // unique per page, to save:
                                                            // get_option( id )
    'parent'            => 'plugins.php',                   // Required, sub page to your options page
    'submenu'           => true,                            // Required for submenu
    'title'             => 'Demo Admin Page',               // The name in the WordPress menu and the title of the Option page
    'option_title'      => 'Demo Admin Page',               // The title of the Option page, this will override 'title'
    'capability'        => 'manage_options',                // The capability needed to view the page
    'plugin_basename'   =>  plugin_basename( plugin_dir_path( __DIR__ ) . $this->plugin_name . '.php' ),
    // 'tabbed'            => false,                        // is tabbed or not
                                                            // Note: if only one section then
                                                            // Tabs are disabled.
    // 'multilang'         => false                         // Disable mutilang support, default: true


 * To add a metabox.
 * This normally go to your functions.php or another hook
$config_metabox = array(
     * METABOX
    'type'              => 'metabox',
    'id'                => $this->plugin_name . '-meta',
    'post_types'        => array( 'post', 'page' )    // Post types to display meta box
    'context'           => 'advanced',
    'priority'          => 'default',
    'title'             => 'Demo Metabox',
    'capability'        => 'edit_posts',              // The capability needed to view the page
    // 'tabbed'            => false,                  // Add tabs or not, default true
    // 'simple'            => true,                   // Save post meta as simple insted of an array, default false
    // 'multilang'         => true,                   // Multilang support, required for ONLY qTranslate-X and WP Multilang
                                                      // for WPML and Polilang leave it in default.
                                                      // default: false

$fields[] = array(
    'name'   => 'first',
    'title'  => 'Section First',
    'fields' => array(

        // fields...

            'id'      => 'unique_id_1',
            'type'    => 'switcher',
            'title'   => 'Field title',
            'default' => 'yes',


$fields[] = array(
    'name'   => 'second',
    'title'  => 'Section Second',
    'fields' => array(

        // fields...

            'id'      => 'unique_id_2',
            'type'    => 'switcher',
            'title'   => 'Field title',
            'default' => 'yes',


$options_panel = new Exopite_Simple_Options_Framework( $config_submenu, $fields );
$metabox_panel = new Exopite_Simple_Options_Framework( $config_metabox, $fields );
Get options:
  • for "menu" use: Eg.:
$my_options = get_option( 'my-plugin-slug' );
if ( $my_options[$current_lang]['my-option-name'] ) {
    // code...


// Detect language automatically.
$my_options = get_exopite_sof_option( 'my-plugin-slug' );
if ( $my_options['my-option-name'] ) {
    // code...

You can check if you get the right options with:

var_export( $my_options, true );
  • for "meta" use:
$my_meta_options = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'my-plugin-slug', true ); // array
// -- OR as simple --
$my_meta_options = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'my-option-name', true ); // as single, type mixed



  • exopite_sof_config (config)
  • exopite_sof_options (fields)
  • exopite_sof_menu_get_options (options, unique)
  • exopite_sof_save_options (valid, unique)
  • exopite_sof_save_menu_options (valid, unique)
  • exopite_sof_save_meta_options (valid, unique)
  • exopite_sof_sanitize_value (value, config)
  • exopite_sof_add_field (output, field, config )
  • exopite_sof_meta_get_options (meta_options, unique, post_id )


  • exopite_sof_do_save_options (valid, unique)
  • exopite_sof_do_save_menu_options (value, unique)
  • exopite_sof_do_save_meta_options (valid, unique, post_id)
  • exopite_sof_before_generate_field (field, config)
  • exopite_sof_before_add_field (field, config)
  • exopite_sof_after_generate_field (field, config)
  • exopite_sof_after_add_field (field, config)
  • exopite_sof_form_menu_before (unique)
  • exopite_sof_form_meta_before (unique)
  • exopite_sof_display_page_header (config)
  • exopite_sof_display_page_footer (config)
  • exopite_sof_form_menu_after (unique)
  • exopite_sof_form_meta_after (unique)



See Changelog


The GPL license of Sticky anything without cloning it grants you the right to use, study, share (copy), modify and (re)distribute the software, as long as these license terms are retained.



forthebadge forthebadge


If you use my program(s), I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some suggestions/feedback. If you solve some issue or fix some bugs or add a new feature, please share with me or mke a pull request. (But I don't have to agree with you or necessarily follow your advice.)
Before open an issue please read the readme (if any :) ), use google and your brain to try to solve the issue by yourself. After all, Github is for developers.
My updates will be irregular, because if the current stage of the program fulfills all of my needs or I do not encounter any bugs, then I have nothing to do.
I provide no support. I wrote these programs for myself. For fun. For free. In my free time. It does not have to work for everyone. However, that does not mean that I do not want to help.
I've always tested my codes very hard, but it's impossible to test all possible scenarios. Most of the problem could be solved by a simple google search in a matter of minutes. I do the same thing if I download and use a plugin and I run into some errors/bugs.


Fast, easy and lightweight admin options/metabox form generator for WordPress Plugins and metaboxes.




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