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PointCoin Chrome Extension : Remembar

To encourage the spread of Pointcoin by providing an easier way to spend and share Pointcoins.


What do we do?

  1. Create fast access to your public address

                              input: Shorthand command, Public Address
                              output: When shorthand command is typed, Remembar changes the command to your Public Address
  2. Generate a unique QR code:

                             input-> Address, Message, Amount
                             output->Output: unique QR code


  1. Sharing Address Online (Transactions, Forms, etc) -mistake free
  2. Transactions in-store -Seller generates the QR, buyer reads the code and only has to confirm payment to block chain -Mobile, Convenient

Trusting Us:

What’s stopping us from generating a wrong QR code? How come you don't send more than the desired amount? Or send the money to YOUR address?

We do not handle the transaction.  No private keys, just a more convenient way to transact.  Verify your public keys at any time.

How we got here and challenges:

We originally began working on a redit bot that would be able to automatically send PointCoin to users. Our goal here was to spread awareness of PointCoin to others. After attempting to create a reddit bot, we began to understand that this would be beyond the scope of this project. Our work on the reddit bot was fruitless because we did not have a full grasp of the reddit API and how to properly communicate with it or set up a server for this.

Instead, we decided to pivot our idea while keeping the same goal of spreading awareness of PointCoin. This led us to implement a Google Chrome extension.

Where we want to go next:

We would like to see this used to do more complex tasks related to PointCoin. New features would allow for users to more easily use and share PointCoin.

How to Install:

  1. Download all files to your computer
  2. In Chrome go the url chrome://extensions
  3. Click the checkbox to allow developer extensions
  4. Now click "Load unpacked extensions" and locate the downloaded folder /PointCoinExtension/
  5. Congratulations you have now installed Remembar.