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A Discord Bot that plays NoCopyrightSounds music in voice channels.
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NoCopyrightSounds (NCSBot)

A DiscordApp bot that plays NCS music in voice channels.



NOTE: All commands are prefixed with ncs. e.g. ncs help

Command Description
help Sends you a direct message containing all commands.
bot Basic bot infomation.
play {type} Plays music based off of {type}.
join {channel} Joins a voice channel.
leave Leaves the joined voice channel.
pause Pauses audio playback.
stop Completely stops audio playback, skipping the current song.
skip Skips the current song, automatically starting the next.
nowplaying Prints information about the currently playing song.
list Lists the songs in the queue.
volume [0 - 100] Sets the volume of the player. 100 being 100%, 0 being 0%
restart Restarts the current song or restarts the previous song if there is no current song playing.
repeat Makes the player repeat the currently playing song.
reset Completely resets the player, fixing all errors and clearing the queue.
feedback {message} Sends feedback to the developers.
invite Sends invite link, NOTE: All perms are REQUIRED, if not all given the bot will not work properly.
ping The Bots Ping.

Music Types

NOTE: These types are played with ncs play {type}.

Type Playlist
all NCS: All Releases
electronic NCS: Electronic
indie-dance NCS: Indie Dance
hardstyle NCS: Hardstyle
trap NCS: Trap
drumstep NCS: Drumstep
melodic-dubstep NCS: Melodic Dubstep
dubstep NCS: Dubstep
house NCS: House
drum&base NCS: Drum & Base


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