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A baremetal midi file player and lv2 plugin host for the raspberry pi

This is an LV2 audio plugin host that runs directly on the rpi hardware, without the need for an OS. At present it can host synth plugins, and play midi input from either a standard MIDI file or from a hardware MIDI device connected to the pi's UART.

The synth engine is implemented as an LV2 plugin, although it departs from the spec in that it's statically linked and doesn't use .ttl files due to the lack of a working filesystem at the time I wrote the code. Now I have a working filesystem I will try to write a dynamic linker (I may fail).

Many thanks to David Welch for https://github.com/dwelch67/raspberrypi , which was invaluable in getting started, and to Dave Robillard for his LV2 work. Thanks to John Cronin and Arjan Van Vught for the SD card reading code.

To make it go, just copy the files in the SD_Card directory onto a blank SD card and stick it in your Pi, and stick some headphones in the Pi's headphone socket. If you get bored of Fur Elise, replace the tune.mid file on the card with another midi file.

Things to do:

  • Implement LV2 plugins via dynamic linkage, so you can just drop plugins onto the SD.
  • Port to other platforms, eg. TI Stellaris. Make Linux port work properly.
  • Unbodge stereo / sample rate / timing.
  • Implement more midi stuff like pitch bending, channels etc.
  • Effects plugins.